Obama’s legacy can be summed-up in one sentence “Protect America’s Enemies”

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A conference for “Friends of Syria” or “Friends of the Syrian People”, which is yet another cruel spin on top of the earlier spin, is being held in Istanbul. In attendance are the various Syrian opposition groups. The Kurds were not invited and neither was the political organization I co-founded.

At least, the name is not “Democratic Friends of Syria” because that would have been offensive to me.

Why is the conference being held today? What are the compelling reasons to continue throwing the Syrian opposition a bone when the White House has already made-up its mind with regard to Kofi Annan’s plan aimed at keeping Assad ruling over Syrians the way the maniac in Sudan continue ruling over his people with violence and tyranny?

Here is a theory. The White House, having refused to arm the Free Syrian Army the way it helped the Libyan rebels, wants to blame the Syrian opposition for its plan. If we meet and disagree, Obama‘s fingers will be pointed at us. The split is mostly due to those who seek an accommodation with Assad (SNC) and those who seek his removal (FSA), which has been clearly highlighted in this meeting.

Nothing good, since this US administration ascended to power, has happened to our people and the people of the region. Correct me if I am wrong exploring these problems with an appropriate solution:

  • Problem: The Syrian people are being fed to the wolves.
  • Solution: Maybe a major oil installation breaks down in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia that will turn gas prices into a $6 a gallon in the US. If Obama loses this election, the Syrian and the Iranian regimes will also and the American people, including two of myself, will be the ultimate winners.
  • Problem: The Lebanese people were hopeful to be free from Assad but now are enraged and fearful because they may possibly see in the horizon the Assad machine of terror and his dark shadow of violence.
  • Solution: They have no choice but to send their arms to the Syrian Rebels to fight Assad. Apathy on their behalf will spell doom. Assad is still extremely weak and we can still finish him off with weapons. This US administration is exiting the region and it has no right to tell anyone anything.
  • Problem: The Egyptians have been handed to the Islamists with a clear agenda of striking fear into the Copts and the Israelis. Under Obama‘s policies in Egypt, even the stray dogs of Cairo will not be spared.
  • Solution: Can anyone tell Sasha how the Islamists oppress puppies and maybe she can change her daddy’s mind about those scoundrels?
  • Problem: The Jordanians, seemingly protected by a visible US administration in the past, will also find themselves alone and at the receiving end of Assad‘s violence with his deformed DNA.
  • Solution: Arm the Syrian opposition. It’s about Jordanian future and not this administration. Spoil Obama‘s policies of appeasing your enemies.
  • Problem: The Israelis will not be spared either. More flotillas, more flying saucers, and more marches by all those brain-dead children of the Assad and the Iranian regimes. Not to mention the naïveté of an administration unable to control the Iranian nuclear program when on the grounds in the region but somehow believes it can 10,000 miles away.
  • Solution: Time for US Congress and the American people who support Israel to the tune of 71% to act (Latest Gallup poll with regard to broad American support for Israel)..
  • Problem: The Iranian people were hopeful the Syrian Revolution will eventually reach them but now have nothing to look forward to except the tyranny of Khameini.
  • Solution: Stay hopeful. We both will prevail.
  • Problem: Erdogan is going along with Obama‘s policies because he can spread Islamism in Syria easier than through the ballot and because he is an anti-Semite parading as a pro-Palestinian.
  • Solution: Time for a Facebook anti-Erdogan Turkish revolution. Let him make the mistake of arresting students.

The Obama time is tyranny time for tens of millions of people in the region, including the minorities. Tyranny by Islamists in Egypt, tyranny by men of utter violence in Syria and Iran, and tyranny against the Lebanese and Israelis who are destined to live under constant fear because Obama cannot bother to protect America’s real allies and friends.

In fact, Obama‘s legacy can be summed-up in one sentence

“Protect America’s Enemies”


All of these miseries so that Obama wins another election. I wonder if Secretary Clinton would have acted differently had she been the President? Her policies today may very well be the President’s policies and one would never know what hers would have been.

After all, President Bill Clinton was courageous enough to help bring Milosevic to trial using a carpet bombing campaign for 78 straight days against his regime of terror. Obama does not seem too keen on protecting people from tyranny or bringing justice against men of extreme violence willing to kill children and women.

If Obama’s legacy is “Protect America’s Enemies”, his personal motto seems to say “Live and let the others suffer and die”.


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