John Kerry, You Are One Pathetic Secretary of State

John Kerry, You Are One Pathetic Secretary of State

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Over the last seven years, our US State Department has suffered from the non-interventionist policies of our president. It has been sidelined by Iran’s aggressive expansionist goals the White House deemed it too risky to confront lest Barack Obama was willing to drag his legacy through the mud. Then,  thanks to John Kerry, Russia came along and turned our State Department into a gigantic Russian delivery system of its demands, requests, and threats. John Kerry, you are one pathetic Secretary of State.

Feast your eyes upon this tweet by the official Twitter account of the US State Department:

What leadership? The one displayed after millions of Syrian refugees or before the refugee crisis that has imploded as far away as Europe? Maybe the US State Department is talking about “Assad must go” leadership followed by “Assad can stay” one. Or, maybe the whole meaning of the word “leadership”, to those running Foggy Bottom, is foreign to the rest of us simpletons. We simply are too dumb to understand their leadership.

People like John Kerry will never understand that appeasement without the credible threat of the use of force is a lost cause. Criminals and bullies, like Assad and Putin, pray for this combination because it is a Carte Blanche to carry on with their missions and goals unhindered and undisturbed. So while ohn Kerry pats himself on his back for his leadership, tens of thousands of Syrians are fleeing Aleppo, which is about to be besieged and starved like Assad besieged and starved Madaya and Moadamieyh. John Kerry, you are one pathetic Secretary of State.

If you follow the link, you will read an adipose PR job, the likes one uses to force a square into a round hole, intended to make Secretary John Kerry look like a leader and a statesman. No where in that press fraud are any words indicative of how Kerry was used as a messenger boy for Russian demands, or for having been fooled by Sergey Lavrov, his counterpart, which resulted in more deaths, more Syrian refugees, and a weaker America. No where in that PR Vaseline job does it say that Russia sabotaged the Syrian peace talks to make Kerry look so naive and so inept.

Goodness, what is next? Shall we demolish the Washington Monument and erect a statue of Kerry’s bust? John Kerry, truly and with all humility, we say you are one pathetic Secretary of State.

John Kerry, you are one pathetic Secretary of State.


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