If you are pro-Syria, should you be anti-Israel?

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Syria’s Love Revolution

  • All it takes is to visit Syrian jails, built in hell by the Assads, to understand how Arab dictators contribute to civilization and advancement of mankind.
  • All it takes is to visit Israel to see accountability and democracy at work.
  • All it takes is Israel initiating a Gaza Commission to look into the flotilla tragedy to realize what it means to live in a democracy when foreigners are killed accidentally and in self-defense.
  • All it takes is to see that Assad never commissions anyone for anything to look into any matters whatsoever. Syrians, to this day, still do not know how many Syrian prisoners, not foreigners, the regime killed in the Sednaya uprising in 2009.
  • All it takes is to speak to any number of people from the many minorities in the region to realize that most are not welcome in the midst of the Assad resistance ideology that supports Islamic extremism and terror aimed at purifying the region from infidels and other minorities.
  • All it takes is to speak to Israeli minorities to realize how much liberties they enjoy protected under the law.
  • All it takes is to revisit the scenarios faced by US troops in Iraq to realize how deadly violent Middle East neighborhoods have become mostly run by families with Mafiosi backgrounds and turbeard men.
  • All it takes is the scrutiny the Israeli society imposes on herself to understand how important Israel is to the region and why it is so hated by Arab dictators.
  • All it takes is to realize how much Israel had achieved as a country in 62 years of existence as compared to how much the Assads have destroyed our country in 40-years of rule to know who Syrians should emulate: The Assads who crushed your country or the Israelis who built theirs?


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