Goodbye Mr. Specter

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Senator Arlen Specter lost the primary to his opponent Joe Sestak in a resounding defeat. If there is one Senator the Syrian opposition would like to see lose his power, it would be Arlen Specter. John Kerry comes a close second.

Specter had a habit of celebrating terrorist regimes and violent Arab dictators. When the US was trying to contain Saddam Hussein in the 1990’s, Specter was legitimizing his rule by paying him official visits. Similarly, Specter has visited Syria probably more than any other sitting US Senator. Last February, he even suggested president Obama invite Baschar Assad to a meeting in the White House.

One wonders how families of US soldiers, who died as a result of the Assad terror machine in Iraq, would react to see Assad given the red carpet treatment by a US president. My bet is that Specter never asks his soul these questions. This disconnection between his old establishment ways and Americans tired of seeing their country trampled by terrorists may have done Specter in.

Congratulations to all Pennsylvanians for voting him out. He did not deserve to represent the United States of America on foreign policy issues.


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