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It never ceases to amaze me how the will of so few who are wrong can harm the will of so many who are right. We have seen it throughout history and this Middle East basks in that glorious past we all want to forget.

Today marks the date for yet another one of those events that walks, sails, or flies towards Israel. This obsession with this little country bordering Syria is the reason why tyranny flourishes in our corner of the world or had flourished in Germany starting 1933.

According to “Stop The Bomb” NGO based in Austria, this latest circus has been organized by some of the most undesirables the world can imagine. The Mullahs of Iran, the Islamists of the region, and the extreme left looking more like Nazis than Nazis themselves.

Considering that Iran has snipers on rooftops killing innocent Syrians and Iran is helping Assad in the Genocide against our people, what right do the Mullahs have or any other group to march towards Jerusalem when Homs, or Idlib, or Hama are in dire need of saving?

Do the Israelis kill 100 people everyday? Assad does.

Do the Israelis direct their Merkavas 105mm canons against the Palestinian civilian population? Assad directs his T-72’s against women and children.

Do the Israelis use helicopters to spray Palestinians marching in funerals? Assad does.

Do the Israelis kill Palestinian doctors treating injuries? Assad does.

Do the Israelis torture children and send their mutilated bodies to their mothers? Assad does.

The worst part is how the world turns a blind eye to those stark differences of behavior by not comparing the situation in both neighboring countries. I guess because it would highlight Israeli democracy more than highlight Assad atrocities.

I would also imagine if Israel did not exist, the Mullahs would be attacking every church and every monastery in the region. The same way when Hitler had Arabs in mind after he exterminated the Jews, which is sad because the Jews, once again, pay the highest price to protect others.

Enough crudity in behavior, density in the brains, or philistinism in deeds. These dark ages of watching the regimes in Iran and in Syria survive because of lack of will and vision and countries like Israel pay a price for mere existence are not footnotes in the annals of history. They will be viewed as another form of Medievalism living off the largesse of men content to think unilaterally, even selfishly.


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