Everyone surrounded by the events of Egypt, Libya, and the MB”™s rise is afraid of the same outcome for Syria instead of considering the alternative: Syria may be the only chance we have at reforming the region. No other Arab Revolution against an Arab ruler has withstood as much or paid as high a price. And the fact that our leadership is lacking is an opportunity and not a liability. Think of late bloomers rather than stale looters.

Its persistence and dexterity should be a signal, a sign and the fact we, oppositionists, cannot unite is rather a blessing because unity under international pressure will mean another deformed state run by despots and opportunists. This revolution is self-made and its leadership will be too.

But we must steer it in the right direction. Instead of standing still, we must feed its movement. Instead of relying on the UN, we must encourage self-responsibility and self-reliance.

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