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In one of the most scathing remarks on the disunity of the Syrian opposition, British Foreign Minister said on Nov. 22: “It is important for opposition groups to be able to put aside their own differences and come to a united view of the way forward,”

This statement was issued after meeting with the Syrian opposition led by the SNC.

Besides the terror of the Assad regime against the Syrian street and the latest reports by the UN indicating the regime is engaged in torturing children, the make-up of the Syrian opposition is one of the biggest hurdles to a free and a stable Syria.

Some of the reasons can be attributed to personalities, but the main reason relates to the actual Syrian society mirrored by the ideologies and the politics of our dissident community.

Whether you hail the flag of Socialism, Ultra-Nationalism, Communism, or Capitalism, there are multiple parties that could represent you.

Whether you hail the flag of religion in the form of Islamism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, or even Judaism, there is a political organization or order that represents you.

Whether you hail the flag of Arabs or Kurds, there are multiple political organizations to represent you.

Whether you hail the flag of liberalism, secularism, conservatism, or extremism (on either side), you have several organizations that could represent your interests.

The Syrian opposition is not a pie divided into areas calculated through algebraic equations. But rather, it is a zoo acting in concert with uncoordinated and almost chaotic principles many of which shift on the basis of local and regional politics.

We are Hilbert’s 24th. most difficult mathematical problem to solve.

At least now you know why Syria is governed by a savage and stupid government. It’s not their victory but our failure.

How to resolve this problem of the Syrian opposition multi-loyalist tendencies? France should hand-pick who governs in the Transitional Government to give everyone an opportunity to free the street to choose for itself. It’s unorthodox but necessary for a stable Syria. 

If Erdogan, appreciated for his democratic roots, hand-picked the whole Syrian opposition, majority-ruled by Islamists to govern Syria, there is no reason why France cannot hand-pick majority-ruled liberals to govern Syria. 

Some of us would rather see the west influence Syria rather than a neo-Ottomanic Turkish government dictating the same policies of stagnation of yester-years.  

Why France? for its close history to Syrian politics, and its history of equitable and fair practices as a liberal and secular state, and for its balanced views if we are to peg Islamists against liberals, Americans against Russian interests, terror against peace.

Leaving it to Erdogan of Turkey and Abdullah of Saudi Arabia will create more instability given the lack of representation of the minorities and given the aggressive nature of the Muslim Brotherhood whose secret agenda is to create a religious autocratic regime.

Religious autocracy means more immigration to Europe by Muslim and non-Muslims alike.


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