Arab VP’s: Soon the Most Endangered Species

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We Arabs know how to stifle liberties, pay for empty skyscrapers erected out of jealousy, and support lost causes. We know how to dispatch observers to Syria led by an exterminator and we know how to protect Genocidal rulers.

We know how to build Mosques over Churches and invite the Christians to pray with us and we know how to spread hate in the service of self-adulation. We know how to pervert Islam by demeaning non-Muslims and we know how to exploit honor and shame to strip the masses from all reason.

But, best of all, we know that we can get away with almost anything because others, much more powerful, bow to us either out of the weakness of their souls or the weakness of their pockets.

Why am I negatively jabbering away? Because I want to add that we Arabs also know how to sell sand to comfort those we can’t buy with oil.

The Arab League wants Assad to relinquish his powers in favor of his Vice-President Faruq al-Shara’a. Anyone with any knowledge of how the Assad regime operates, or any Arab regime for that matter, would stop and think twice about this oxymoronic concept.

Why would Assad agree to be replaced by a man he can easily kill? Why would the Arab League ask Assad to relinquish his powers to a man Assad decides his fate?

The UN, the US, and Europe are all expanding resources and time in pursuit of this dead-end plan because they were sold Arab sand. But then it may well suit everyone’s purpose while waiting for the inevitable implosion they have been promised.

If I had to guess though, Assad will keep his VP alive just in case he can hoodwink this new demand by the Arab League to leverage himself. In other words, Assad sees al-Shara’a as a mean to keep him in power, not to replace him. But if he feels any danger, he will kill his VP just to remove this option off the table. Honestly, and thanks to the Arab League, Arab VP’s just made the list of the most endangered species.

Either way, Syrian VP al-Shara’a died the moment he was publicly named by the Arab League as a replacement to Assad.

Why the Arab League is busy concocting unrealistic ideas? It is trying to look busy and responsive to an Arab street openly hostile against its lack of support for a military solution against Assad. So when next time you read stories in the paper telling you the Arab League is embracing the Free Syrian Army or supporting its cause, it’s all hogwash intended to ease the anger felt by the street.

When this plan fails, I vote for Omar al-Bachir, the butcher of Darfur, to lead a Transitional Syrian Government out of Khartoum until the next brilliant Arab League plan.

Maybe Assad will then kill this highly prized mass-murderer and a source of pride to the Arab League the way the League killed Assad’s VP Faruq al-Shara’a.


  • Don Cox 12 years ago

    “We know how to build Mosques over Churches”

    Christians built many churches over Pagan temples. It comes around.

    However, Herod’s temple in Jerusalem is not built over anything so far as I know.

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