Now that Hamas knows for certain Assad will not survive, Ismail Hanieyh, upon a visit to the al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, cited for the first time in almost one year the “..heroic people of Syria who are striving for freedom, democracy and reform”.

The importance of Hamas announcement does not lie in the organization’s sudden change of heart but because it confirms the secret everyone knows: The region is ripe and heading for a Sunni-Shia war.

But that is for another day to analyze. Let’s stick to Hamas position with regard to Syria and its people.

While Assad killed and bombed with heavy artillery our women and children, Hamas was totally and utterly silent for a whole year for one reason only: It hoped Assad survived for the Syrian al-Mukawama to continue favoring its cause at the expense of the Syrian people future and prosperity.

All 23 million Syrians were and remain a tool for the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood the same way they were for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood when 200 of its Al-Taliyeh al-Mukatala fighters led to the Hama massacre in 1982. Blame falls on the Assad family for the massacre but it falls squarely on the MB for triggering it.

In the New Syria, the silence of Hamas should not be missed as an opportunity for our people to distance themselves from its cause. We all love the Palestinian people but their cause is not ours and will never be. Personally, as a Syrian-American, my plate is full trying to protect against terror, Islamic extremism, and the prosperity of my people in Syria.

The last thing Syrians should be looking for is cleaning someone else’s home when theirs is reeking of mildew. The last thing Syrians would want is the same Arab League ploy to divert our attention from the miseries at home towards hate for another people or countries. No more.

But what one wishes for is not what one gets sometimes. What I fear the most are the tactics used by Hamas to wage a war against its Palestinian rivals, something I am certain will be expanded upon by the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood should al-Mukawama be off the Syrian plate.

Hamas stood by Assad while the Syrian people were getting slaughtered and no excuse, including the one Hamas will probably claim that it was under Assad’s mercy, will be enough for Syrians to accept this organization abusing all Arabs to fight for its own lost cause (After 64 years with little success, it qualifies for that label).

In fact, this is an opportunity to keep Hamas at a comfortable distance from Syrian politics. If it will claim that Assad’s sword was against its neck as an excuse for keeping mum when thousands of Syrians were dying with the same sword, we can end Hamas in Syria or its influence peddling. Their excuse will be suicidal.

The worst part about the Hamas statement is that not one Arabic TV station, including al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya, or al-Hurra questioned any of Hamas leaders on this delay in supporting the Syrian people. Not one. They all want to burry this hatchet by giving Hamas a free pass. After all, they still need terror against others to promote tyranny.

This leads me to believe that what the Arab League has in store for the Syrian people is exactly what Assad had in store for us. Who should we thank for this blunder?

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