The Syrian government said on Monday four warplanes from the U.S.-led coalition bombed a Syrian army camp in Deir al Zor province, which would be the first known attack by the coalition against government forces. Considering Russia has been bombing US-backed moderate opposition for over two months, is this a deliberate escalation to warn Russia to back-off or purely an accident? 

Three soldiers were killed and 13 wounded the Syrian government said. It called the attack an act of aggression.

The jets fired nine missiles at the camp on Sunday evening, Syria’s foreign ministry said in a statement flashed on state television. It is the first publicly declared incident (or deliberate escalation) of its type since the United States and allied countries began bombing the militant group Islamic State in Syria more than a year ago.

Syria’s foreign ministry sent letters to the U.N. secretary general and to the head of the U.N. Security Council condemning the “flagrant aggression … which goes firmly against the aims of the U.N. charter,” state news agency SANA said. No such letters were ever sent by the Obama Administration when Putin began his bombing campaigns against US-backed moderate forces. 

It urged the United Nations to take “immediate action and take the necessary measures to prevent a repeat” of the incident.

A monitoring group reported earlier that jets likely to be from the coalition that is targeting Islamic State hit an army camp in Deir al-Zor province, killing four Syrian army personnel.

The foreign ministry said three armored vehicles, four military cars and a weapons cache and ammunition had been destroyed in the air strikes.

Russia or no Russia, the psychopath Assad and his allies in Tehran are not going to win this war, nor will the Islamists gain power in Damascus. The sooner both sides realize their foolish pursuit, the sooner Syria emerges from its devastating fate. If not, both sides will suffer the consequences of their ignorance throuh slow and deliberate attrition. 

The U.S.-led coalition first launched air strikes against Islamic State in Syria in September 2014, after beginning aerial operations against the group in Iraq the previous month.

Its strikes have regularly targeted Deir al Zor province in eastern Syria, most of which is held by Islamic State, including oilfields that are a source of income for the group.

Russia is waging its own aerial campaign in support of the psychopath Baschar al-Assad, which has hit some Islamic State targets, but the United States and its allies say most of the Russian raids have hit other foreign-backed rebel groups.

Reuters contributed to this article.

Deliberate Escalation or Purely Accidental?

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