Bottomless Pit of Barbarism of the Hezbollah Savages

Bottomless Pit of Barbarism of the Hezbollah Savages

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A former Lebanese minister who is close to Syria’s psychopath Baschar al-Assad was freed on bail on Thursday after serving a jail term for smuggling explosives into Lebanon from Syria and planning attacks, the national news agency said. Hezbollah of course, hailed the release, which is a preview of the bottomless pit of barbarism of the Hezbollah savages.

Former Information Minister Michel Samaha was sentenced to 4-1/2 years in prison in May, having been detained since August 2012.. A jail year in Lebanon is nine months.

A military court released him on bail on Thursday, secured by 150 million Lebanese pounds ($100,000).

The decision drew condemnation and criticism from Assad’s opponents in Lebanon including former prime minister Saad al-Hariri. Some angry Lebanese took to the streets in the capital Beirut and blocked at least two roads in protest at his release.

Hariri said in a statement:

“Regardless of the reasons behind the court’s decision to release Samaha, it (remains) a decision to release a criminal who is involved in one of the dirtiest crimes against Lebanon,”

It won’t be long before the mafioso Michel Samaha smuggles bombs from Syria to kill his fellow politicians. Samaha is an Orthodox Christian more than willing to kill fellow Catholic Christians, Sunni Muslims, and Israeli Jews. 

Heck, it would not surprise us if this terrorist is elected into office by Hezbollah savages in Lebanon. 

However, the terrorist Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim movement Hezbollah, which is fighting alongside Assad in Syria’s civil war, dismissed the criticism. “Loud comments objecting to the court’s decision … only express maliciousness,” said Mohamad Raad, the head of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc. Raad represents the bottomless pit of barbarism of the Hezbollah savages.

He added that Samaha had served his sentence and there was no legal justification for keeping him in prison.

Top Syrian officials previously denied the charges against Samaha but did not comment on his conviction last May.

The arrest of Samaha and indictments against two Syrian officials in the case marked a major break with the past when Syria dominated Lebanon and public figures associated with it were largely untouchable.

Still, Syria has retained considerable influence in the affairs of its smaller neighbor state even after it withdrew troops in 2005 under international pressure following the assassination of Hariri’s father, ex-prime minister Rafik al-Hariri, in a huge Beirut car bombing.

Reuters contributed to this article.

Bottomless Pit of Barbarism of the Hezbollah Savages


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