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I have the privilege to be invited by a prominent Member of Parliament in Italy for a rally in support of the State of Israel taking place in Rome tomorrow.

There are two reasons why I am making this trip. First and foremost, i truly believe Israel is a blessing to the region. Imagine how despotic the Middle East would be without her. Instead of 22 Arab tyrannies, we would have 23. Instead of Nobel Prize winners, we would have more suicide bombers, instead of learning from a western culture right next door to us, we would embed further an Islamic culture gone astray, etc..

The second reason has to do with Baschar al-Assad. If he hates Israel, then all Syrians have the duty to support Israel. The Assad family has literally destroyed Syria with their violence, oppression, and corruption. If we oppose Assad’s policies against Syria, then we should also oppose him in his foreign policy. The enlightened Syrians fully grasp his double-take and his mystic ways when it comes to Israel.

I have been asked to make a speech, which has already been written. I resisted asking for the release of Tal al-Mallouhi in it for fear that the spying accusation would stick given the regime would take advantage by pointing out that her name was mentioned in a rally in support of Israel. This is how monstrous Assad and his clan of thugs are. No boundaries to their murderous ways.

Will post some pictures from the rally upon my return.


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