Bahrainis Deserve Their Freedom

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In his speech at the United Nations, President Obama failed to mention the freedom movement taking place in Bahrain. More than likely because of the Saudi influence of Islamists in the Obama administration.

While many Syrians are grateful for his support for our freedom from the Assad regime of terror, the region will always be mired in violence and oppression if not all its people are free from tyranny and family-owned countries. For Obama not to support the Bahrain people is an invitation to strengthen the Iranian extremists and Hezbollah.

Syrians must stand by their Bahraini brothers and sisters to demand liberty for Bahrain because the future is ours to shape and any lack of empathy on our part today will only fuel distrust and aid the extremists tomorrow.  There is no excuse for our silence, nor for the silence of the Obama administration in support of another Arab oppressive regime.


  • Don Cox 13 years ago

    You are absolutely right.

    But I fear the Saudis will never allow freedom in Bahrain.

    • The template of a family-run country is no longer a viable option and when Saudi Arabia falls, all the others will follow. The rumblings beneath the surface are deafening to some of us whose ears are on the ground in that region. Our job is to make sure their replacement are neither a Hezbollah nor a Hamas. We Arabs have been hibernating for over 400 years and unfairly the whole world is paying the price, and not just us.
      Thanks for your comment..

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