Assad Sitting Pretty Thanks to Our Stupidity

Assad Sitting Pretty Thanks to Our Stupidity

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Assad sitting pretty thanks to our stupidity. That’s for certain after watching Obama’s furtive eyes in Putin’s presence. We believe Putin scares our president who is not used to real power in his face.

Consider for a moment what Assad said in front of his mirror the morning after watching President Obama getting Gorbacheved by Putin on Syria during their G8 Summit Belfast meeting. My wild guess would be this:

  • I killed tens of thousands of Syrians violently and talk of ICC are distant in the past.
  • Violence pays in this region, a lesson to all the rookies out there.
  • By turning the war sectarian, I enslaved the West and provided a template for future Arab leaders.
  • They will never test again “Me or the Islamists” theory. I own them for life.
  • As a safety, I will keep few pockets of Islamic extremists to kick the dust in the West face occasionally.
  • Now, I can begin slowly cleansing Syria and Lebanon from all those who stood against me.
  • All those who relied on the West will go first to diminish any future capacity for Western interference.
  • After I share some of the intelligence with the CIA on the extremists I created and will be disposing off, they will open up like an oyster. The dumb a**holes.
  • I suspect Obama did not want to remove me from power because he was afraid the mystery about Iraqi WMD would have been solved.
  • Hezbollah owns all of Lebanon now. No more interference by anyone.
  • With the capacity of the S-300’s Putin sent me, I can rebuild some of the Iranian nuclear facilities on Syrian soil.
  • Those fools.. few thousand Jihadists scared them to death.

Call me “Le Malade Imaginaire”, but knowing this regime, I do not think I am too far off.

Assad Sitting Pretty Thanks to Our Stupidity


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