Angry Obama Wants Angriest Nation Iran to Go Nuclear

Angry Obama Wants Angriest Nation Iran to Go Nuclear

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As we have said often on this website, Barack Obama is an angry man. He is the angriest U.S. President ever. Angry Obama has divided our nation and tore it apart.

Now comes this survey by Gallup the British Independent newspaper published its main highlights to show which nations are the happiest, the nations with the highest and the lowest positive experience, the nations with the most negative experience, and the most emotional nations.

Guess which two nations came at the absolute bottom in the angriest nations (most negative experience)? Iran and Iraq. This is how The Independent described them:

Iran and Iraq tie for the world’s angriest nations, with 49 per cent of their populations reporting they had recently experienced anger.

This could be anger at the regime, which has been stifled by Barack Obama with his Iran deal, or it could be anger at the world, which means watch out when Iran builds its nuclear arsenal. The people often reflect the mood of their leaders whether their anger is justified or not.

An angry Obama wants the angriest nation of Iran to go nuclear. It’s only fitting, right? One angry man helping an angry nation.

We predict that history books about angry Obama will, one day, occupy the same library shelves as those of other angry men in history the world despises if the angry Mullahs take their anger out against Israel.

We predict that angry Obama would go down in history as an anomaly of a man who should have never been given the powers the American people handed him on a silver platter given his anger.

May we celebrate the end of Obama’s presidency with joy and happiness. May we see the Mullahs in Iran all behind bars one day soon and the good Iranian people free from their anger.

Angry Obama Wants Angriest Nation Iran to Go Nuclear


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