While Syrians are Massacred, the Arab League Waves a Finger

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The detestable abomination Syrians feel towards a treacherous Arab League still refusing to bring down the Assad regime for fear it may be affected by the results must be the most desolate of feelings a human can endure. 

When a man loses his conscious but remains on top of the food chain, he becomes the worst breathing substance on the planet.

The Assad regime has entered a phase where “organized massacres” become a routine and where the Arab despots keep an eye, utter few words, strike meaningless deals with Assad, and then merrily go about their business of ruling over our desolation.  We all know the fabric Assad is made of but few ever talk about the fabric of the other Arab cowards.

Thanks to the likes of the al-Sauds and the al-Thanis, Arabs are certifiably passing through the Degeneration Era in our history. Arabs cannot sink to a lower standard if we aimed to during these times of boundless and unconscionable opulence on one side watching over human miseries with cataclysmic future or Genocidal massacres. If hopelessness ever existed, you will find it in the contrast existing today between ruler and ruled in the Arab world.

If the Arab rulers form a corporation, al-Sauds and al-Thanis would be the financiers, Assad would be the marketer, and the Arab League would be the management overlooking the affairs of that corporation. Their products? Economic misery, corruption, raiding state treasuries, cronyism, ignorance, and terror if necessary.

Arabs are desperately poor, utterly ignorant, and irrevocably lost because of the cadre of despots imposing themselves upon us. On the surface, Syrians are getting killed because they are being hunted by the Assad terror, but in reality, any human dying in the Middle East today is the result of these selfish rulers whose priorities are to skew our DNA to demolish the freedom gene every human has the right to.

Very few people see the al-Sauds and the al-Thanis and many other ruling families for what they are. As the whole world was fooled by the elegance of Asma and the secularism of Baschar, it continues to be fooled by rootless Arab rulers with titles and fat bank accounts. We seem to turn suddenly blind to their excesses and selfishness as if stirring of the conscious is a burden no one is willing to experience.

The same thing happened to humanity during WWII when millions of Jews were massacred and the whole world kept ignoring it in the hope it goes away. Well, 350 million Arabs today are slowly dying because of our rulers and we won’t let anyone ignore our miseries and sub-existence just because it is unbefitting to discuss in someone’s milieu.

The solution lies in first admitting what is wrong. As long as world leaders just sweep the problem of Arab despots ruling the region towards non-existence, the festering swamp will produce one form of Malaria after another.

But even when world leaders witness what the Arab rulers are capable of with regard to killing their own people, they seem to hide behind such frivolities as: Who would follow Assad? What happens next? As if democracy is not on their mind and are unable to demand it in Syria, in Saudi Arabia, in Iran, and in Qatar.

If the west can demand a “Cease and Desist” policy in regard to terror emanating from the Middle East, it can certainly demand Democracy across the region leading to less terror. 


  • Don Cox 12 years ago

    When “the west” removed one such Arab tyrant (Saddam), there was universal condemnation.

    When they helped the Libyans to remove Gaddafi, there was no support from Africans. One South African said it was just white men bombing Africans.

    The cost to US and European taxpayers of these wars is colossal, and will take decades to pay off. I don’t think anyone has the money for any kind of military operation in Syria – which would also very likely lead to a war with Iran.

    When the UN set up a Human Rights organisation, it was simply infiltrated and then dominated by the tyrants.

    I do not see how “the west” can demand democracy across the region, any more than they could demand the abolition of Islam.

    • This is the cost of the clash of civilizations. My religion does not accept anyone else’s and as long as this is true, there will be violence (8/11) and there will be costs if the region remains in the hands of oppressive rulers or transfer to religious fanatics. What “the west” is trying to do today, by leaving the region, will not work. It will simply embolden the extremist elements; first at the cost of the Christian and other minorities (It already started with the Copts of Egypt), then they will eye Israel and should they fail to remove Israel, they will try another 9/11 to pressure the west the way it is pressuring today to leave the region. Meanwhile, Europe will make it easy for them because there will be 100 million Muslims living there by 2030 using democracy to insure Europe complies.
      The west can finish the job today by removing every despot to give our people the chance to experience freedom and a Renaissance away from religious zealotry or it can wait until tomorrow when the real cost will be 100 times more. It was wars in Europe that settled Papacies before Europe experienced their own Renaissance and separated state from church. If that separation brought peace, it will do the same for the ME region. But first, we need to remove the despots ruling.
      My humble opinion. Thanks for your comment Don.

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