Thick Skull Putin Still Trying to Protect Assad

Thick Skull Putin Still Trying to Protect Assad

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One would think that the rise of ISIS and the Islamist extremists in Syria to fill the vacuum left behind when Barack Obama refused to assist the moderate Fee Syrian Army defecting in 2011 would give any leader in the world a reason to eradicate its root causes.

One would think that anyone fighting terror would grasp quickly, even if the root causes of the terror are kept confidential, the tiger by its tail to eradicate extremists as soon as politically possible.

One would think that Assad, the dead horse on his back in the middle of the race track, would give pause to Russia to administer a different policy with regard to Syria.

One would think the thick skull Putin would finally decide to fight terror, not with Assad who feeds terror, but with allies like Saudi Arabia and Israel whose positions stand against the Assad terror machine as well as ISIS. In fact, no one has fought terror in the region like Israel. They fought the Hamas Sunni terror as well as the Hezbollah Shiite terror. What is wrong with thick skull Putin?

Thick skull Putin is not budging. Thick skull Putin still believes he can revive his dead horse to enter his race aiming to destabilize the region by proxy. Thick skull Putin is no different than his counterpart the thick skull Obama.

When thousands of innocent Syrians, on both sides are getting killed, what else to call Putin but thick skull. Excuse us for the derogatory language if you think lives of innocent women and children dying are inconsequential.

We are not surprised thick skull Putin is so adamant about saving Assad. There will never be another U.S. President like Barack Obama to give him all the opportunities to decide Syria’s fate. There will never be another Barack Obama to bow to Russian demands in ways that defy logic.

Very few people like Ambassadors Stephen Rapp, Frederic Hof, and Robert Ford understand Syria the way they do. Their in-depth knowledge of Syria’s political landscape, culture, and religious tolerance qualify them as the best experts in the field. Yet, all of them have left the Obama Administration in frustration over people like Ben Rhodes whose main expertise is to write fictional short stories.

Any wonder Syria has become a hotbed for terror and extremism?

Thick skull Putin needs to understand what Rapp, Hof, and Ford already do. There will never be any peace in Syria if Assad is not hauled to The Hague to face the justice he deserves.

Thick skull Putin needs to stop his procrastination because there will be more terrorists returning home to Chechnya full of anger and hate.

Thick Skull Putin Still Trying to Protect Assad


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