The Useless Existence of The United Nations

The Useless Existence of The United Nations

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For those of us who have lived, or still live, in areas of great turmoil, ravaging wars, and refugees facing violence and death, we know that some good comes out of the United Nations. Much of it from the idealism and benevolence of its middle management and career diplomats with pure intent to assist others. This is an article about the useless existence of the United Nations as an entity, which simultaneously helps people but also encourages their torture and death.

This other side to the United Nations, most of us wish it did not exist, deals mostly with promoting death and violence to sit in judgment of the human rights of others.


In a move that makes one’s hair stand on the back of their necks, the United Nations voted for Russia and China to its human rights council.

Yes, the same Russia that Human Rights Watch just issued against a scathing report detailing its bombing campaigns against Syrian civilians in schools, hospitals, and markets.

Yes, the same China that built Nazi-like concentration camps for its Chinese Muslim population to “re-educate” them while incarcerating millions of them against their will. It is modern “Ethnic Cleansing” re-invented as an education process.

We can all shake our heads in disbelief. Or we can just condemn the United Nations and seek for its disbandment as more of an entity of evil doers than goodwill Ambassadors. We wonder what the U.N. middle management think of these moves, and if you expect a whistle blower or two, do not hold your breath. The cushy upper management, living a dream, does not take kindly to disturbing their golden nests.

Who voted those two? Other countries of course. Either because they act in a similar fashion (Like Syria and Iran), or because they seek a favor or two that directly benefits an individual or two or possibly a corporation or two.

In other words, the UN plays with people’s lives to satisfy the urges and greed of other countries. Folks, mental institutions are kinder to their sick members than the United Nations is to the weak refugees and helpless masses when they honor human rights abusers. Every year, the U.N. shows us why its miserable existence is as useless as a human tail.


Civilized countries who play no role in killing or torturing other people should unite to form their own miniature United Nations to set an example for the corrupt one before us. Real citizens of our world must unite behind such effort to sanitize the dirty politics playing a major role in the death and destruction of so many countries and peoples.

How could anyone trust a body that works to help people, yet embraces those countries that kill them? The oxymoronic state of UN affairs cannot be ignored any longer. This is no longer an institution to protect the innocent and the helpless, but rather it has become an institution led by men who benefit personally from the miseries of the helpless. Who is to say both Russia and China don’t pay bribes to the top leadership for laundering their sins? Anyone with an ounce of sense can value the benefits both countries derive from sitting on the human rights council while they detain, torture, and kill the innocent.

The top leadership at the U.N. makes all kinds of excuses to justify its corruption. One that shows the extent of the leadership’s careless attitude is when it claims that inviting human rights abusers to sit on the council rehabilitates them. The most nonsensical argument ever made.

Undoubtedly, the UN’s leadership fat bank accounts has turned all of them into human footballs violent men kick around to energize their bestiality.

The Useless Existence of The United Nations



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