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A Syrian oppositionist (May he/she be blessed) was able, as a result of a tip from inside the Assad palace, obtain some 3,000 emails, many of which were personal exchanges between Assad and his wife Asma.

They have been publicized well by the western media but here are the highlight of those emails in case you missed any.

  • Assad mocks the reforms. We hope Sen. John Kerry reads these emails thoroughly.
  • Iran Advised Assad on how to stop the Revolution. In my book, this qualifies the Iranian regime to be accused for crimes against humanity and to stand trial.
  • Assad knew western journalists were in Homs and two got killed as a result of the shelling.
  • Asma and Assad himself shopped on the Internet while his regime was killing people with absolute savagery. Calling Asma Marie-Antoinette is not an exaggeration.
  • Assad sends a light-hearted YouTube link (Link to the Guardian of London) of the siege of Homs done with biscuits, cookies, and toys. There are two groups in Syria: The smaller brain-washed group in support of Assad and the larger disfranchised group tired of living in abject poverty.
  • The daughter of the Emir of Qatar offered the Assads exile in Doha. What can one expect from a ruler who welcomes the butcher of Darfur with open arms? I do not think the Syrian people will forgive the Qatari Emir for his support of Assad throughout this tragedy. No hate, just ignore him.

What these emails also show is the extent to which no funds were spared with regard to Internet security against the people and the confidence the Assads displayed in their lax towards their own security. If the Syrian opposition was able to capture these emails, you can imagine that there is no competent international security apparatus unable to land the same prize.

It also shows how deficient and weak the Iranian regime controls over the security affairs of the Syria were.


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