Every Syrian is a Simon Wiesenthal In-Waiting

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Assad Missiles Kill Dozens of Civilians in Douma

Two large suicide explosions rocked Damascus yesterday morning causing extensive physical damage to two Air Force Intelligence centers. The Air Force Intelligence is the darling of the Assads; it has been heavily invested in to strike the most fear. It is a known fact that few survive its dungeons and torture chambers.

Of course, the Akhras family, the Jaafaris, Hadeel al-Ali, the mysterious woman who is in love with Assad and sends him naked pictures of herself, and many other figures who correspond with Assad on his email address sam@alshahba.com have advised him to call those who attacked these centers terrorists.

How could this be terror if those centers have been affiliated, over the last 42 years, in torture and the killing of innocent Syrians? How could demolishing the very symbols that stifle your liberty be called terrorism? How could people defending themselves from tanks and heavy artillery be called terrorists? The media seems to go along with these descriptive epithets without any consideration for the full picture, for cause and effect.

There are many terrorists in Syria but they all operate under one umbrella called the Ba’ath Party and under one regime that of the Assads. Everyone else either qualify as criminal accomplices, innocent bystanders, or freedom fighters.

The picture emerging from Syria is worst than bizarre. I wrote an Op-Ed for the Israeli Ynet in December of 2009 in which I called AssadThe Tuxedoed Pirate” for his terror. The world is starting to see what’s behind Assad‘s veil of lies and deceptions and you must concur with the Syrian claims laid for tens of years: It ain’t pretty.

His and his wife are shopping at the same time his snipers and security men are killing at will and his attention span is centered on an email of a naked mysterious woman at the same time his men of terror kill aggrieved next of kin at funerals, the closest thing to fishing in a barrel.

What kind of men and women are running Syria today? Who are these senseless people with aides willing to ignore the horrors of his deeds the way Eichmann and Goering ignored Hitler’s deeds? They really should seek international council because the Syrian people will, sooner or later, pursue them the way Simon Wiesenthal hunted Nazi war criminals.

We have their records before even we free Syria.


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