Obama Leading Towards an American Kristallnacht

Obama Leading Towards an American Kristallnacht

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America knows that Vice President Joseph Biden is the mule of the Obama Administration. He carries its water happily without ever complaining of its burden. Between the foolish appearances of Susan Rice on TV to lie for Barack Obama and the honest appearances of Joseph Biden to explain the real motive of Obama, how else can we see the ugly reflections of this president we elected while America was drunk.

In one of those absolute and shocking moments of truth, Obama’s reflection, demonstrated through his mouthpiece Joseph Biden, has told American Jews they can no longer rely on America for protection. American Jews need to look for Israel for that protection.

Think about what Obama is telling the millions of American Jews. Think about Obama leading towards an American Kristallnacht intentionally.

I do not blame Joe Biden for his dangerous words because we all know he was selected by Barack Obama to be his VP because he is an egghead. Biden is Obama’s proxy and I am not convinced Biden did not hear Obama, Jarrett, Rice, and McDonough, in the inner sanctum of this White House, utter similar sentiments before he made them public.

As American-Muslims listen to these words, should they be saying to themselves that a day may come when the likes of Biden may also ask us to look for Pakistan or Saudi Arabia for protection? That America will no longer protect Hindus or Yazidis and that India or Kurdistan Iraq may have to protect those Americans?

It seems to me that Iranian sectarianism has infected this White House. It seems to me that Barack Obama and Ali Khamenei are really brothers of the same cloth.

660 more days until we bid Obama and his ilk goodbye. 660 more days until America returns to the great nation Obama is attempting to destroy.

Obama Leading Towards an American Kristallnacht


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