Myths and Misconceptions About the Syrian Revolution

Myths and Misconceptions About the Syrian Revolution

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If there was a technique to measure lies, myths, and misinformation, we are certain the Middle East would earn the Oscar every year and Assad would always be its master of ceremony. Here are some myths and misconceptions about the Syrian Revolution.

This is not limited to Assad only. It has spread to the American Government, the Syrian opposition, the Russians, the Arab League and all their cousins. It’s just mind boggling the number of lies and spin we are fed every day by everyone involved in Syria.

Here are some I believe are too glaring to ignore:

Israel Created Assad

This misinformation campaign is Assad masterpiece. We, like everyone else, fell for it for years. It’s the Russians who created, bolstered, and protected the Assads since 1957. All the Israelis want is a quiet Golan through any means. Many Israelis do care about Syrians and are giving aid and comfort to our people.

Obama Seeks Regime Change in Syria

Not really as long as Obama is able to coy the Iranian regime to negotiate with him, which is the closest thing to negotiating with one’s self. If you want to imagine what it looks like, just stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. Friends of Syria is a conscious spin to buy time. If the US wanted Assad gone, the US would have long ago armed the ready and able Free Syrian Army, whether anyone liked it or not.

The Syrian National Council Represents Syrian Aspirations

Far from it. The SNC was created by Erdogan and his foreign minister admitted to al-Safir newspaper that the SNC is their creation and they won’t let anyone change it or break it. The SNC is an Ottoman dream. It started with an agenda to merely share power with a Genocidal maniac, but under pressure, it has moved away from it publicly but many in leadership positions, including the Muslim Brotherhood, still cling to the idea if Kofi Annan succeeds with his plan of peace.

Syria’s Christians Back Assad

Not true at all. Many are concerned. Assad has abused their friendship and sympathy to enlist some to spread misinformation. When the Vatican based agency, Agenzia Fides, released a report in English (It recently removed) based on Assad spreading misinformation to Christian ethnic cleansing, Syrian Christians, united under the umbrella Syrian Christians for Democracy (SCD), immediately issued a Press Release denying the ethnic cleansing accusations leveled against the Syrians fighting Assad. We salute the SCD for its courage.

The Muslim Brotherhood Intends to Share Power

This one eats the cake. Just watch this video of a Muslim Brotherhood Syrian leader boast that the organization chose Birhan Ghalioun, SNC’s leader, as a window dressing for the presidency of the SNC. Erdogan’s footprints are all over this one.

Extremist Salafis and al-Qaeda Behind Bombings

As of the writing of this article, there are no Salafis in Syria, just hardened Syrians unwilling to open their chests to sniper bullets or windows to tank rockets. We have seen the transformation ourselves and failed to understand it because you cannot tell a man don’t use violence to defend yourself when the world is a spectator in this theater of death. Just yesterday, a new Islamic organization was birthed by liberal Syrians we know who are married to strong Russian liberal women. The US policy of not arming the FSA is able to mix water and oil.

The Arab League

The Arab League GCC Members running the whole organization care about two things: Their safety and their money because all of their ruling families would have died from thirst if it was not for the oil. Their number one enemy are the Iranian Mullahs and their second enemy are non-submissive Shias. Even those designations follow the same pattern of attaining self-safety first. They could care less about Syrians dying no matter what spin you see or hear watching their media empires.

The Soviets Calling Themselves Russians

Putin dreams of a new form of communism with a better mousetrap. Fortunately, the Russian people have not forgotten yet the 70 yesteryears of terror. So, he keeps hopping between positions waiting for the right time. Meanwhile, Putin will not let go of past dominions and fortresses like Assad of Syria, the one descendants of Lenin and Stalin planted in the Middle East to terrorize on their behalf.

Myths and Misconceptions About the Syrian Revolution


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