If Assad is Not Deposed Now, Next Time It’s US Bootprints

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Imagine if you were in a movie theater watching a grand finale scene of fire raging and the live people around you rush to the exit screaming “Sauve qui peut”? That’s what some so-called Think Tank experts, propagandists of the Assad regime, are doing at this moment in Washington. They are screaming al-Qaeda in Syria when they know darn well the organization’s existence may number less than 200 fighters out of over 15,000 thousand young Syrian fighters and defectors defending their cities, towns, and districts from annihilation.

The 200 number is the best estimate I can gather from sources I spoke to within the FSA even though I still stand by my earlier Blog that I have yet to speak to any commanders fighting with any hint of affiliation to Salafism or al-Qaeda.

Others, either out of utter ignorance (Inexcusable if you want to write about Syria) or malice, even go as far as calling all the fighters Islamists. Those intellectuals have yet to do a cost-benefit analysis of what it means for the region if Assad returns with a vengeance because they are too busy enjoying their contrarious positions.

Meanwhile, it seems no one in the Obama administration even attempts to infuse some real intelligence to clarify a situation fast getting out of hand because it provides comfort and convenience to those “Do Nothing” Syria policy pushers. It takes the pressure of Obama to act on Syria if the so-called experts strike fear into the American psyche by screaming al-Qaeda is spreading in Syria.

But what those propagandists and ignoramus are facilitating is far more dangerous than the avaricious acts they are trusted with.

Everyone knows that Syria is at a crossroads today in terms of what future its own people will build to solve their problems rendered so much more difficult with the Assad armies destroying the country one square kilometer at a time. But no matter how one calculates the risks and rewards of one system vs. another, one cannot but factor the following element: If Assad is not removed from power, the consequences to the region in terms of the danger of the three stooges of Assad/Iran/Hezbollah will be enormous. Any program to build WMD will be accelerated and any future attempt at dislodging Assad will be far costlier and far more difficult than dislodging him today. Next time, the Syrian people will sit that one out to let western boots take care of our problem. No Syrian would be willing to sacrifice anymore after the sacrifices they made during this Revolution were deemed in vain thanks mostly to western apathy.  

We have to ask ourselves the question: Is it easier to get Syria rid of the 200 mostly-foreign Islamists after Assad is deposed or easier to get rid of Assad, Iran, and Russia after Assad survives our Revolution?

Let’s shut down the Assad propaganda and concentrate on removing Assad from power to bury the “resistance” doctrine for eternity.


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