Every Muslim Should Become a Jew for One Day

Every Muslim Should Become a Jew for One Day

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The history of the Jews is well known. But what is little known is how vitriolic global citizens have become towards the Jews.

Prior to the Gaza flotilla incident, there were sporadic articles one could read, which were politely poisonous but always expressive of the author’s sense of justice measured against some imaginary Jewish barometer.

But after the Gaza flotilla incident, I am shocked at what I have been reading. It is an outrage that this generation of global citizenry, born after their parents witnessed or fought against the horrors of WWII, could rule the Internet with such scathing and unforgivable hate.

Let me back my outrage with some real numbers.

When I Googled the words “Hate Jews” and “Hate Zionsim”, I received back 1,520,000 and 4,100,000 hits. Similarly, when I Googled the words “Hate Muslims” and “Hate Islam”, I received back 1,170,000 and 2,110,000 hits.

But these numbers tell part of the story because if you are a good statistician (I just know finance), you would know that 1,520,000 or 4,100,000 for a global population of let’s say 15,000,000 Jews is vastly different from a 1,170,000 and 2,110,000 hits for a global population of 1,400,000,000.

How different?

In percentages, Jews are hated to the tune of 121 times more. That is 12,125% more than people hate Muslims if the ratio of number of Muslims as compared to Jews is taken into account as well as the “Hate Index” of each. An index that the unsuccessful, jealous of Jewish accomplishments, keep pushing up.

In spite of the terror we Muslims inflict daily on others and on each other, Jews are hated more than we could ever be.

Israel attacked Hamas only after Hamas launched thousands of rockets. But Hamas attacked the PLO in Gaza for no reason. Yet, the Jews are hated, and the Muslims, inflicting pain unto each other, escape accountability. Israel established a blockade to weaken its extremist nemesis, yet, the Jews are hated for defending their borders when we Muslims own 97% of the lands. Lands where Jews lived and roamed thousands of years ago and where remnants of Synagogues are found today in several Arab countries, including Syria, Yemen, Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, and as far as Morocco.

We, Muslims, should be lucky the Jews only want Jerusalem.

This Gaza flotilla incident, prepared for in Syria and Iran, and executed by Erdogan, is nothing but a form of hazing conditioned by Assad and Ahmadinajead to join their fraternity of resistance. What all three wanted is to unearth the ugly face of discrimination and hate against the Jewish people to further their goals of terror.

If you really want to know how arrogant the world has become, just try to be a Jew for one day. In fact, I think every Muslim should become a Jew for one day to understand the hate.

Furthermore, we Muslims should designate one day a year where we all become Jews to understand what it feels like to be hated so much. Shame on us.


  • Richard 11 years ago

    If I were a Muslim who became a Jew for a day…what would I feel? Hmm…well, being a typical Orthodox Jew, I would probably regard my life as infinitely more holy and valuable than the subhuman, Gentile donkey I was just five minutes ago. I’d probably also bribe as many countries as I could to oppose Palestinian statehood at the UN (using America’s money, of course). No doubt I’d also want to speed up excavations under the Temple Mount so as to hasten the building of a new Jewish temple there–I mean, my G-d, that process is just going way too slowly! And naturally being a firm believer in the Torah, I would regard all the land between the Nile and Euphrates Rivers as belonging to the Jewish people by divine right. And last but not least, I would say a prayer to YHWH thanking him for Muslims like you and your assistance in helping me achieve all these goals.

    • It’s because of people like you that Muslims like myself feel obligated to protect the Jews. The less hate you demonstrate, the less responsibility we feel for our neighbors. Don’t you get it?

  • ariadna 11 years ago

    This is an older article of yours but you are obviously proud of it and of the praise it received in comments that you keep it in evidence.
    Farid, get one thing straight: you can never be a jew for a day or a nanosecond. You are a Goy and worse, a raghead, as most Jews call you. You can sport a kippa, you can spit on Islam, on your Arab brothers and sisters, you can urge carnage on any Arab country in the sights of USrael, you still stay a raghead, albeit a useful one. Comments by others that all religions are equal, to which you eagerly agree, prove that you just don’t get it. One religion stands above all, because “g-d” chose them and only them and gave them the real estate deed to Eretz Israel. You better improve your service and declare Judaism superior.

  • Lao Long 12 years ago

    As a Chinese student studying international relations, I am a little weary of hearing the constant hatred from Muslims against Jews. I have many Muslim friends myself, who I value and favor dearly, but in my opinion, the Jewish people have suffered much more historically than the Palestinians have.

    Even today, there are many extremist Christians, Muslims, and neo-Nazi white supremacists who spew hatred against them as often as they can. I try to remain as neutral as I can in politics, but, honestly, I do not think all Jews are as evil and cruel as some people try to paint them.

  • azman 12 years ago

    its all about justice as god love justice people. and base on history the injustice will perish as history told us in the past many civilization come and go becouse they did thing injusticely god punish them. either u beleiver or not its the same including to jews and muslim alike by the way moses and all israeli prophet is muslim too.the prophecies of Michael in chapter three: “Zion shall be redeemed with justice and by those who will come to her with righteousness.”
    i dont see any justice to legitimized nation of israel as its founded base on oppression and and evil doer. today state of israel is founded base on secularasime not base on solomon and david kingdom.
    as human it is our nature to hate and to love some one.where hate is the opposite of love.no hate we dont know what is love all about. but god command us to do justice altough we have hate in our heart.
    You who believe! show integrity for the sake of Allah, bearing witness with justice. Do not let hatred for a people incite you into not being just. Be just. That is closer to taqwa. Fear [and respect] Allah. Allah is aware of what you do. (Surat al-Maida, 8).
    qoute(Furthermore, we Muslims should designate one day a year where we all become Jews to understand what it feels like to be hated so much. Shame on us.) lamumdinlukumwaliadin(To you be your Way, and to me mine.alkafirun-6)

    • Thank you Azman.. hate leads us to kill and evil is the godfather of hate. We have to eradicate hate as a prelude to a new civilization and no symbol is more powerful than to visualize the history of hate through museums, films, and the media in general. Since we cannot rely on al-Arabya and al-Jazeera to do what is right, we have no choice as reasonable Syrians but to use what is in our power to educate our people about the evil of hate.
      While this one-day a year for Muslims to be Jews is a noble idea, it cannot possibly relieve us humans from the responsibility of how Jews were treated during WWII the same way if Jews became Syrians for one day a year to experience the Genocide going on in Syria today. Exchanging shoes plants a seed but building a museum erects a tree. I look forward as well to a museum in Jerusalem about the atrocities committed by Assad.
      Azman.. I do not hate. I agree or disagree with ideologies or ideas. I think you do the same too. No?

      • azman 12 years ago

        if u dont have hate simply u not human. as lion kill and hunt the victim becouse of his natural habit not becouse he hate the victim. we human have different from animal. we have choice to hate and to love. its kind of hypocrite if we want to throw our hate out of our emotion. becouse this is natural law but we can limit our hate by rational thinking and dont let our emotion of love and hate exceed our rational thinking. and as human i have freedom to use my emotion in a limited framework to hate and to love. eg: i hate jews becouse they take and robbing al quds and kill my palestenian brother. but doesnt mean i will act injusticely to them as god say Do not let hatred for a people incite you into not being just. Be just. That is closer to taqwa. Fear [and respect] Allah. Allah is aware of what you do. (Surat al-Maida, 8). and again lakumdinlukumwaliadin (To you be your Way, and to me mine.alkafirun-6)
        once more to hate someone doesnt mean to act injusticely to him.
        to love someone doesnt mean u help him act injusticely.
        evil is the product of injustice act.

        • Azman.. Injustice is an interpretation. What may be just to you could be unjust to others and hate becomes the law to define your actions instead of reason and logic. The verb “La Takrahou” in the Quran is not tied to killing (La Takrahou, if I remember, is never followed by La Taktilou). This means La Takrahou is not hate but more like “dislike”. The hate I am talking about, which leads people to kill, must be eradicated from our culture.

  • Everest 12 years ago

    The palestinians have no hope, only education, cool headedness, and inter marriage with jews will lighten their plight. Remember it is the germans who killed millions of jews, the palestinians could take revenge my migrating in large numbers to germany, it would be twisted revenge, but better than doing nothing and fuming.

  • Truly inspiring Farid. Agree with you on all counts except I dont need to be a Jew to feel that they are a persecuted group. I think its always good to retain a bit of humanity (and less group think) towards your fellow human beings irrespective of their faiths etc.While we all identify with our own particular groups for one need or another, in many ways that affiliation can make us less human than we are capable of being.
    An American Muslim.

  • If everyone just stopped for a moment, realized that killing/hating each other because of religious differences, it will become evident that it's the game of the devil.
    To get there, we all need to realize that our own religion is no more right or wrong than any other religion.  That's the challenge since the HUMAN beings preaching the word of GOD will NEVER let us love each other, but divide us.

    • That’s a good point John. But while Christianity seeks to accept people into their faith by words of kindness, my Islam, throughout its history, has forced itself upon others. The Mosque at Ground Zero is just that kind of settled and subliminal enforcement. Farid

  • Robin 14 years ago

    You have made me cry. Thank you so much for your understanding and caring post. I pray every day that we can all live together in peace. This was the first time in a VERY long time that I felt that this is still possible and that not everyone hates my family and everyone I love for no reason I can truly understand.

    • Farid Ghadry 14 years ago

      Thank you Robin. Sometimes, it is hard for me to understand the kindness of others when it is my duty to help advance the cause of my people. Such can only happen when we accept our shortcomings and stop blaming everyone else. Farid ..

  • Daniel Breslauer 14 years ago

    Thanks! This is really a nice post. Personally, I despise anti-Islamic/Arabic hatred as much as I hate anti-Semitism. Being a religious Jew who is not a Zionist, particularly, is very frustrating, since I get blamed all over the world for what Israel does, no matter what I think; as a matter of fact I am not Zionist at all.

  • yonatan 14 years ago

    Farid, as an Israeli ( and not necessarily a left-winger) I would be honoured to have you as my neighbour. G-d bless you.

    • Farid Ghadry 14 years ago

      Thank you Yonatan.. We are already neighbors. What we miss is to do the neighborly thing by giving each other the chance to strike peace. But as long as Assad is in power spreading hate and indoctrinating Syrians not to accept what threatens his rule, real peace is a reach. You and millions of others are the hope for Syria to compete on the world stage and for Israel to finally have the space and the time to continue to excel.

  • zahava 14 years ago

    h*tler, y’mach sh’mo, hated the jews because we gave the world a conscience. he had his other excuses, but aryeh hits the nail on the head with his reply above.

  • I’ve crossposted your marvellous but depressing post
    Keep up the good work, Farid. Democracy for the Arab world!

  • Susan 14 years ago

    Mr. Ghadry, you are amazing. Bless you – I pray G-d to protect you. If there were more people like you, there would be universal peace.

    (Yes, you are living proof that it is NOT Islam, or being Arab, that is the problem – it is being evil, period)

    • Farid Ghadry 14 years ago

      Thank you. It’s also about lack of accountability of Arab leaders, some of whom terror is the arrow of poison m their quiver, hate is their shield, and Islam is their first line of defense. We strip them of power and we may be able to build roads of healing to communicate and co-exist.

    • Farid Ghadry 14 years ago

      Susan.. Somehow I missed responding to your kind words. Thank you. What I really find amazing is how the Jewish people, against all odds, are steadfast in building for the future. Not one act of violence against us Muslims who continue to exercise the right to do wrong against others while the international community turns a blind eye to the concentration of so many dictators in one region of the world.

  • tzatz 14 years ago

    Jews are hated because of their religion. The Jewish religion is no better or worse than those that have followed … however, the Bible was written … OBVIOUSLY before the advent of Christianity or Islam … therefore the Jews were told to kill and hate the Jebusites or the Amorites or the … BUT NOT Christians or Muslims.

    The other two faiths … based on Judaism … did not have this benefit. Therefore, Christianity heaps hate on the Jews for all time … as does Mohammed/Islam … these supercessionist religions … believe they are/were the successors to the ‘real faith’ … they became the ‘new Israel’ … the ‘true believers’ …

    Christianity and Islam had the problem of coming after Judaism and with Jews stubbornly rejecting the ‘new’ faith … they were scorned … just like the Jebusites et al of old.

    The Jews survived … the Jebusites did not. There’s the problem in a nutshell. Jews are still around … and so are the New Testament & the Koran to remind their faithful that the Jews are evil.

    • Farid Ghadry 14 years ago

      [email protected], you may want to live with your misguided interpretation of history in the past or move to modernity as your name suggests. We all are masters of our choices.

  • Niran 14 years ago

    I salute you for this article.

  • jerry1801 14 years ago

    problem are communist Jews wo collaborate with the enemy and hate their own ppl. and country

  • Brad Brzezinski 14 years ago

    I think Jews are hated simply because humanity is programmed to be tribal and hatred strengthens tribalism. Jews are a good target because as a group, they are inherently harmless in that they cannot seek to spread their religion and are destined to ever be a minority. (Your statistics illustrate this point well. The oldest Abrahamic religion is the least numerous.)

    Centuries of development of Jew-hatred have provided a large list of reasons to hate Jews. Take your pick. Yes many of them contradict each other: they’re too passive and allow themselves to be abused but they’re nasty and aggressive as Israelis. Who needs logic when you’re scapegoating?


    • Farid Ghadry 14 years ago

      Justifying hate for the success of Jews is the product of weak souls. No matter what angle of argument you take. Look what Israel has done in 62 years of existence and what Damascus has done in thousands of years of existence. You want to be second, you are free but don’t hold on to the shirt of the one crossing the line first.

  • Thank you for your understanding.

  • Aryeh 14 years ago

    Jews are hated the world over, not because they are rich, poor, evil or blood sucking beings that want to control the world and humanity, they are hated because of the gift they bring to the world, envy fuels anti-judaism, anti-zionism and anti-semitism. Jews were given the task in the Torah of becoming a light unto the nations, they were not chosen to be rulers of the world but to be its moral compass. Jews dont kill each other like other nations do, they exalt life instead of death and praise learning and knowledge above anything else. What makes the Jewish nation unique, is its ability to raise itself from the grave and start anew, with bigger strenght and courage than before, over and over again. after centuries of persecution, murder and expulsion, Jews finaly realized that they will not go quite into the night, they will not be slaughtered in vain and they will defend their faith, their culture and their people with all their heart, souls and bodies, all for the sake of life and humanity.

    • In the above comment you said “Jews don’t kill each other like other nations do” and since others already hate each other so much, it follows that they would hate the Jews even more because Jews are not killing each other while Christians kill Christians, Muslims kill Muslims, Arabs kill Arabs, etc. which is hypocritical and in violation of their very own religious beliefs that they claim to follow but do not practice. This is very disturbing.

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