Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque

We will never forget
Let Us Never Forget
Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of 9/11: Let us Never Forget

As an American, I would like very much to comment on this video by saying that the author is right.

As a Muslim, I also want to comment by saying that the author is right again.

Rare are those Muslims who speak with one voice and who view Islam as a spiritual comfort zone for one’s conscience rather than the elusive invading religion it has become.

I truly believe that if my religion wants to build Mosques on Christian lands to comfort the lost and the needy, it should allow the exact number of Churches to be built on Muslim lands also to comfort the lost and the needy.

Incidentally, the lost and the needy non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia are building that country while the majority of the lost and the needy Muslims in America continuously try to destroy her.

Brotherhood is a two-way street. Constitutional experts need to start paying attention to this matter.


The video was brought to my attention by my friend Harold Rhode


  • Aryeh 14 years ago

    Islam has being highjacked by Wahabism and Shiism in a way that it doesnt resemble the true faith and message anylonger, loosing itself in the sidelines of history, changing its creed from one of hope and renewal to one of death and destruction.

  • jerry1801 14 years ago

    I fully agree

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