Obama Launches Iranian Terror Against Arabs and Jews

Obama Launches Iranian Terror Against Arabs and Jews

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U.S. President Barack Obama is the only person signing the US-Iran deal besides the other leaders of the four UN Security Council Permanent Members. As such, it is not considered a treaty but rather a sole executive action on the part of the president.

Any new president can sign another executive order to refute the deal and all of the US commitments Obama agreed to.

The question becomes: Why did Obama enter into a deal he knows may not last beyond January 20, 2017?

It is because his aim is not to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. His aim is to relieve Iran of the sanctions so that Obama launches Iranian terror against Israel today and permits Iran, now relieved from all economic sanctions, to acquire nuclear weapons tomorrow.

Obama’s US-Iran deal is all about Israel and finding ways to harm the country he hates with passion. To achieve that passion, Obama launches Iranian terror with a bad deal.

Diplomatic protocol dictates that when a major event takes place, U.S. Presidents call world leaders ahead of time before any public announcements to inform them. In the case of Israel, Obama called Netanyahu AFTER he announced the deal to the American public.

Why this Chicagoan thuggery? Because Obama wanted to rub it in Netanyahu’s face by dancing in circles around him like a conquering warrior. For Obama, it is all about Israel. He is an extreme ideologue who exists to harm Israel.

U.S. President Barack Obama launches Iranian terror unto the region just as Hezbollah launches a missile against Israel. The long-term implications will be an arms race and more terror and instability; but Obama could care less about what might happen as long as Israel, in addition to our Arab allies, burn to the ground.

Not even Brezhnev could have done a better job to harm U.S. interests and our allies.

In fact, Obama did not conclude this deal to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. He concluded it to relieve Iran from economic sanctions in order to acquire nuclear weapons.

The word “snapback” must have gotten some laughs from Valerie, Michelle, and Barack when they invented it together in the East Wing of the White House, and introduced it as a magic process knowing well it is a ruse aimed at sticking it to the Israelis. Collective sanctions take a decade or so to go into effect, and the word “snapback” is an oxymoron to mock our intelligence.

US Congress must unite to stop Obama’s reckless behavior. The man just lit a fuse under the Levant region to start an arms race where nuclear weapons can be purchased with a shopping cart.

Congress must stop this irresponsible behavior masked by a deal everyone knows Iran would never honor, and everyone knows it is intended to harm Israel and all the U.S. Arab allies.

Congress must stand up to Barack Obama who is harming the U.S. with his actions. History will not be kind to our legislators who will vote for this deal when they know well Obama’s actions are about to burn the region.

Our president is a disturbed, angry man; and whose anger is directed against America. Stop him before he burns us all.

Obama Launches Iranian Terror Against Arabs and Jews


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