You can’t comfort the afflicted without afflicting the comfortable

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The title of this Blog is a quote by Princess Diana. Afflict is defined as either “overthrow” or “defeat”, neither of which are being considered against Assad today. The killing is so intense, we are left begging for humanitarian aid instead of regime change. Kudos to Sen. John Kerry, Assad’s personal buddy.  

The White House, after almost a year of incessant killings in Syria, today announced that “additional measures might have to be considered if President Bashar al-Assad continues to escalate his military assault on civilians.

Notice the “Might have to be considered“, which means the White House is far from actually considering saving Syrians. Maybe there is a secret quota Syrians are expected to reach before there is action.  

If “Friends for Syria” meeting ends with more statements and no action, I predict more trouble ahead for the US in the Arab world and al-Qaeda recruiting more people. This new generation of young angry Arabs are much savvier than the preceding generation.

Mark my words. 


  • Don Cox 12 years ago

    But why is it the job of the US to sort out Syria?

    Why have Jordan and Saudi Arabia and Egypt not invaded Syria to stop Assad’s masacres?

    • Because the US values are based on freedom and the Arab League values are based on tyranny.
      With freedom, the region has hope. With tyranny, it gets more extremist.
      With freedom, the region will be peaceful. With tyranny, it will be unstable.
      With instability comes terror and with extreme Islam comes the agent to export it.
      no more 9/11’s please. Saving Syria is the first step.

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