With Different Agendas Comes Confusion

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Where does the US administration stand in terms of regime change in Syria after calling for Assad to step down in August 2011?

Where does the French government stand considering French President Sarkozy is riding high with the Muslim vote in France after assisting Libya with regime change but he has shown no such inclination for Syria?

Where does the British government of Cameron stand in terms of regime change with so much investments and influence by Assad supporters and Syrian-Saudi businessmen living in the UK?

Where does Israel stand in terms of regime change when it faces several threats at the same time from Islamists and unfriendly western governments?

Where does Saudi Arabia stand in terms of regime change considering it fears a NATO precedence in its own backyard as well as real fears from Iranian aggressiveness?

Where does Qatar stand in terms of regime change flexing its little biceps in an arena of giants who have yet to pay attention as long as it plays by their rules?

Where does Turkey stand in terms of regime change when its own economy makes it impossible to venture outside defending, first and foremost, its own interests from the PKK terror?

Where does the Syrian opposition stand when it comes to regime change when the main figures today are looking for opportunistic chances to share power with a murderous regime and the honest opposition watches from far or is taking-up arms to force a certain outcome?

How far will friends of the Assad regime, like Iran and Russia, go before they realize it’s futile to continue supporting Assad? Is the Russian fleet docking in Tartous a sign of decisiveness or a negotiated position?

Finally, where does Assad think he stands in terms of surviving a regime change? Does his speech today declaring total war on his people an indication of his mindset?

In 1975, the death of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia led to a Lebanese civil war that lasted for 17 years.

Will the death of Hariri in Lebanon spark such outcome for Syria today?

If so, does the confusion add to the mystery for a clear outcome? Is this why we are all confused? 


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