Why the Syrian Opposition is in Turmoil

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Besides years of divisive policies by the regime in Damascus, today’s opposition can only blame itself for its conduct. Here is an overview of where the different parts stand today.

The Exiled Anti-Western Islamists: They found a home in Turkey under the tutelage of Erdogan and some of the Saudi plants in Washington like John Esposito, Huma Abedin, and Dalia Mojahed. This explains how the US State Department fell for funding an Islamist TV. The exiled Islamist opposition has mounted a large campaign to discredit the pro-western opposition, so when one hears the words: It has no support inside or outside Syria, it’s an Islamist propaganda and some of the smartest people in Washington either fall for it or use it to further their own narrow purpose.

The Exiled Anti-Western Secularists: As an insurance policy, Saudi Arabia is supportive of this group and remains in contact in case the Islamists are unable to ascend to power. Saudi Arabia can rely on this group to influence Syrian politics essential to Saudi survival because of our 300K plus armed forces the largest in the region with a sectarian inclination to defend Saudi interests.

The Old Organic Syrian Opposition: Such as The Damascus Declaration with many in its leadership ranks over 70 years old. They fought saliently for freedom in Syria and suffered under the Assads because of their secular and liberal tendencies. Even with the streets raging, they still believe they have the right to Syria’s future. They are being slowly marginalized by the protesters.

The New Organic Syrian Opposition: It fueled the street protests and believes it can eat the whole pie for the sacrifices it suffered; however, recently it has come to grip with reality and has been approaching the exiled opposition to seek its advice and help. After six months of trying on its own to free Syria from Assad,  it has come to the conclusion that it needs the pro-western exiled opposition to achieve their common goals. It created its own power structure but has yet to grasp the mechanics of imposing itself on the international community through political maneuverings and cunning. Its learning curve is moving slowly but in the right direction. The smartest thing it has done so far is to refrain from using violence, something Assad counted upon to justify his terror.

The Exiled Pro-Western Opposition: It is divided into splinter groups with many supporting several political agendas. Some enjoy western support but some do not because of past political affiliations.  It finds solace in western civilization not because it lives in the west but because it believes western values are essential to rendering Syria a strong country with prospering citizens enjoying the fruit of freedom. Some of the Arab countries view it with total distrust because it does not march to their tune. At the end, this group believes the western countries will unite to support them fully and unconditionally after the west discovers it has no interest in being led by planted Islamists.  The Syrian street is skeptical but curious about the pro-western opposition values because of the Internet influence on its youth.

Lurking in the shadows are the Mullahs of Iran trying to buy its own insurance policy by attempting to contact the opposition supported by Erdogan and Saudi Arabia while their snipers kill street protesters and innocent freedom seekers.


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