Why the Coronavirus is Godsend to Iran

Why the Coronavirus is Godsend to Iran

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It is not hard to look at the coronavirus impact on Iran to make the worst of assumptions. It is devastating the society with at least 512 death as of March 14. But the long picture looks quite positive for the terrible Mullahs leading the country, and this is why the coronavirus is godsend to Iran.

This is how we come to this conclusion.

The coronavirus is Trump’s Katerina moment except that this Katerina landed in all 50 States, not just Louisiana

The virus is estimated to cause some real damage in the U.S. because President Trump has been late to accepting its impact. In fact, he is on record calling it the Democrats’ “new hoax” even as China isolates in one form or another some 700 million people. If the virus devastates American life, President Trump presidency is in deep trouble. All indications point to this fact,

DNC can run one ad for the next six months contrasting the virus devastating effect against the backdrop of a president calling it a hoax. The coronavirus is Trump’s Katerina moment except that this Katerina landed in all 50 States, not just Louisiana.


Under that scenario, hopeful Joe Biden might just sweep the Electoral College votes to secure the presidency. How will Joe Biden deal with Iran? The same way Barack Obama did. Come calling on his knees with hoard of cash.

This is not a guarantee of course, but if history is our guide, Joe Biden stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Obama’s Iran policy. Did he do it out of conviction, or as a loyal VP is anybody’s guess. However, considering he partake fully in rapprochement with Iran, we should not fool ourselves into believing Biden might act any differently once he is the man in the White House.

All it takes, after all, to roll back Trump’s actions against Iran is an Executive Order and some State Department cajoling of the Mullahs. Just as Obama did. Et voila, Iran is sanction-free again thanks to the epidemic of the coronavirus with even more money to compensate them for Trump’s policies.

What will Iran do now? Invade more Arab countries and threaten Israel even more. On foreign policy, it’s terrible news for the free world should Trump lose and Biden become President.

Nothing is worse than an appeasing U.S. President on foreign policy. It writes off American power in one single stroke of a pen.

Why the Coronavirus is Godsend to Iran


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