Why Assad Is So Violent? Because Sunnis Employed Alawite Maids

Why Assad Is So Violent? Because Sunnis Employed Alawite Maids

In Syria’s war, Alawites pay heavy price for loyalty to Bashar al-Assad
More Like a Genocide than a Civil War
“Al Assad! Or we set the country on fire!”

The Alawite community of Syria is both angry at the Sunnis and their anger is leading them to practice immeasurable violence against the Syrian Sunni community. The combination is lethal. The last angry and violent organized criminals the world has witnessed was during the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany.

We can answer why the Alawites of Syria are angry, but we are clueless as to why they are violent. It must be a genetic deformity not far from the same genetic make-up of violent Islamist people.

Why the Alawites are so violent against Sunnis? What have the Sunnis done to them to deserve getting gassed and barrel bombed?

If one asks an Alawite why you are angry at the Sunnis of Syria, the most common answer one gets, “The Sunnis employed Alawite maids in their homes”. This is not a joke. The Alawite community of Syria is angry at the Sunnis for employing their women as maids.

This is a true statement because after the French colonization ended in 1943, the Sunnis turned to the Jebel al-Alawieh to find workers for their factories and homes.

Sunnis employed Alawite maids because they needed the work, and the Sunnis ruling Syria needed someone to do the work. Sounds familiar?

The Jebel al-Alawieh is a mountainous area bordering the Idlib Province and the Mediterranean coast.

The Alawites who lived in these mountains were rough peasants with very little education and privileges. In fact, Sunnis employed Alawite maids in their homes until the rise of the Baath Party in the mid-sixties.

The Alawite defunct logic justifying its violence against the Sunnis of Syria is mostly due to the fact Sunnis employed Alawite maids. Under that defunct logic, African-Americans in the United States should open torture centers to punish the white man, and native Indians should scalp any white man on sight.

Does employing Latino maids in American homes today justify the Latinos gassing, torturing, or barrel bombing those who employed them? The Alawite logic borders on a demented and psychotic behavior.

All Syrians know about the Alawites of Syria is their unceasing violence. Ask any Syrian to name a famous Alawite man or woman of sciences, or someone who has given much to humanity, and you will hear nothing but the murmurs of stuttering tongues (We wouldolovee to be wrong, so write if we are wrong).

Alawite achievements in Syria are at display in the dehumanized violence of the Assad regime.

This is a shame for all Syrians when the infamy of one group rests on its addiction to violence, and nothing but violence.

Next time someone speaks of the Alawite violence against the Sunnis, best represented by Assad, the man most Alawites support, just remember that Assad has tortured tens of thousands of Syrians in his prisons because their mothers or grandmothers employed Alawite maids at one point in their homes.

Why Assad Is So Violent? Because Sunnis Employed Alawite Maids


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