Who Will Hold Barack Obama Accountable?

Who Will Hold Barack Obama Accountable?

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When the American voters look at the field of Republican candidates vying for the job of the President of the United States of America, they see depth, variety, and, unfortunately, utter cowardice.

They see a field unwilling to attack the policies of Barack Obama for fear of offending the African-American community; even though Obama’s policies have been nothing less than disastrous.

The best example was recently highlighted by the analyst Charles Krauthammer on one of the TV talk shows. Krauthammer emphasized how Donald Trump pointed his accusatory finger at John McCain as the one responsible for the woes of the Veterans Affairs, as if McCain oversaw the agency, instead of pointing his finger at the Obama’s administrators and appointees.

For Trump not to attack Obama directly on his calamitous policies is typical of a Republican Party too fearful to lay blame where blame is due. Krauthammer suggested that the angry American public will run with the Republican candidate who will confront Obama and his policies.

We could not agree more.

Instead of Trump attacking Megyn Kelly or other Republican candidates, should he not be attacking Obama directly on the Iran deal? Even when he does attack the administration, as he did on immigration policy, absent from his attacks are the name calling he practices with ease against other Republican candidates but never Obama.

Who will hold Barack Obama accountable for the damage to U.S. interests during the next 14 months of campaigning? Which Republican candidate will begin to absorb the anger of the American people and along the way win their confidence and trust?

Who will hold Barack Obama accountable for his neglect of our military?

Who will hold Barack Obama accountable for ignoring our laws?

Who will hold Barack Obama accountable for partnering with tyrants, terrorists, and despotic rulers.

Who will hold Barack Obama accountable for weakening America’s resolve on the international stage?

Who will hold Barack Obama accountable for letting Iran run amok killing and terrorizing its way against our allies?

Who will hold Barack Obama accountable for his ignorant policy on Syria that saw hundreds of thousands killed and millions of refugees run for their lives while he played golf?

Obama is a sitting duck when it comes to his domestic and foreign policies, yet no Republican candidate is willing to call him by name for fear he/she may offend his far left followers. Especially not Donald Trump whose control of the airwaves would go a long way to begin the process of holding this President accountable for his monumental blunders. This is totally absurd.

Every candidate is happy to jab Hillary Clinton who has become everybody’s punching bag. But no one is willing to say that whomever the next Democratic candidate may be, he/she will gladly endorse the same failed policies of Barack Obama, and here they are.

The American voters are angry at Barack Obama for being suckered into his hope and change message. The first Republican candidate to call his name repeatedly, with passion and vigor, for his failed policies will win the nomination.

Trump or no Trump.

Who Will Hold Barack Obama Accountable??


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