While Russia Occupies Syria, Putin Claims to Dialogue

While Russia Occupies Syria, Putin Claims to Dialogue

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According to opposition forces, upon landing in Syria, Russia turned Hmeimeem military airport in Jablah into its own huge military base. This expansion of Russian military presence and influence in Western Syria in Tartous and Latakia is met by Obama’s timid objections.

The doubt is over, Russia occupies Syria.

Apparently, Russia immediately installed new radar systems and modern equipment and prohibited any of the Assad forces to enter the military base.

The opposition sources confirmed that Russian troops were stationed at the airport and operating alone. No one is permitted to enter or approach the base, not even high officers from Assad regime forces. The sources described the status of the new airport as “a new Russian campus.”

To protect from prying eyes, the Russians purchase all th elands adjoined to the base by paying triple price their value from villagers who support the Assad regime. It then created a secure buffer and erected new fencing around the new perimeter of the base.  Residents of the tow villages nearest the base have been warned not to approach the fence.

Additionally, the security around the perimeter have been upgraded with modern cameras, new paved roads, and barriers to prevent any vehicles from approaching the base.

Then this morning, Russian troops moved towards the city of Hama to establish another operational beachhead. NOW of Lebanon reported the news:

Russian personnel accompanied by a convoy of equipment have reportedly deployed to Hama in the latest sign of Moscow’s growing military buildup in Syria.

Against the backdrop of this Russian long-term stay in Syria, the Obama Administration has been quite timid in its response. John Kerry has made three calls to his Russian counterpart foreign minister Sergey Lavrov who told him in no uncertain terms that Russia is committed to the Assad regime.

To appease easy peasy Obama, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said last Tuesday that dialogue between Moscow and Washington on solving the Syria crisis was indispensable.

While Russia occupies Syria slowly, it claims to dialogue.

Obama has successfully abolished American power represented by the mighty aircraft carriers and replaced them with a telephone. A telephone has become our weapon of choice and the Russians know it all too well.

Valerie Jarrett’s Communist roots are kicking ass.

While Russia Occupies Syria, Putin Claims to Dialogue


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