While Aleppo Burns, All Tickets Were Sold

While Aleppo Burns, All Tickets Were Sold

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While Aleppo burns, the people entrusted with saving Syria from the barbarism of Assad remain entangled in failed diplomatic efforts. Asking the Russians to be flexible in their support of the Syrian regime does not differ from asking the Islamists to toss the Koran aside for a better book. And so far, judging from the combined dedicated efforts of asking permission from Putin, it’s easy to recognize how diplomatic failures are rooted in the repetitiveness nature of efforts based on unrealistic expectations. When it comes to dealing with Putin, US diplomacy looks like a gerbil in a miniature Ferris wheel.

Since the west does not seem to be able to deconstruct one of the most horrific regimes ever created by the Soviet Kremlinites, why not just pull a chair and watch with me as Aleppo burns to the ground. Better yet, let’s all buy a ticket to this new horror show in town to watch real live burning flesh.


Let’s watch children buried in the rubble after Assad strikes their homes with rockets from a helicopter gunship; or a missile from a Russian MIG jet engineered to destroy tanks but Assad uses to burn flesh and bones. Let’s watch mothers cry while carrying their dead babies in their arms, or mothers blown to pieces while their toddlers survive. From these seats, let’s watch old men squeeze a tear or two and lift their faces to the sky as if to ask God for his forgiveness for they don’t understand what wrong they have done.

Let’s watch children be scarred for life with many making it their life achievements to scar back those who killed their fathers. Not the least, let’s also watch neighbors helping their neighbors only to die during the next MIG sortie. Let’s watch young men fighting fiercely for survival and who yesterday were pouring over law or medical books to make their parents proud. Let’s watch how easy it is to spill the blood of others when we all sit and watch.


I can just imagine how the spectators in the Coliseum during ancient Rome felt when they watched lions tear into the flesh of Christians. Except in Syria, Assad is tearing into the flesh of women and children. Mostly impoverished Muslim population he accuses of seeking freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Let Syria be a lesson to all people who seek freedom and democracy. Should you even consider it, this new leader of the free world will let your town and cities burn to the ground, the slaughter of your women and children, and your country suffer from brain drain, disease, and untold tragedies. This new leader of the free world thinks your freedom is one big handicap standing in the way of his Golfing handicap.

So who bought tickets to the big show called While Aleppo Burns?


Ring side seats all went to the Iranian Mullahs and their thugs ruling today. They also went to Putin and his thugs. Some Iraqis complained so the Iranian Mullahs just slapped them quiet. And some wanted to share in the ringside seating arrangement. Meanwhile, the Chinese sold their seats to the Venezuelans in return for more oil.

Behind the Iranian Mullahs sat Hezbollah and the March 10 Lebanese political elites; in addition to the Alawites of Tripoli. Hezbollah and the Jabal Mohsen Alawites brought their sniper rifles to the show and they would not let anyone confiscate them.

Behind the Iranian Mullahs sat some US Senators like John Kerry and Harry Reid. Kerry thought Khamenei looked like a statesman. Someone even heard him calling Khamenei a saint, but no one ever confirmed the reference. Next to the Senators sat some US Congressmen like Nancy Pelosi. Nancy was wearing the same hijab she wore during her trip to Damascus. Her publicist and senior aide said that she was hoping Assad would notice her.

But the best seat was reserved for President Barack Obama. His was the referee in the ring making sure the battle raged and Aleppo kept burning. If anyone stopped, Obama would swing his iron driver as the Iranian Mullahs applauded him while he acknowledged them with a bow.

While Aleppo Burns, All Tickets Were Sold


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