Where is the Evil Here?

Where is the Evil Here?

France Joins Israel, GCC in Opposing Obama’s Iran Deal
Senators file resolution to arm Syria opposition

Here is a question we would like you to answer after reading this. Where is the evil here?

The Tower Magazine published a small item on an Arab-Israeli young woman of 27 who has become the valedictorian of Israel’s Technion University. Technion is equivalent to MIT in America.

In the story, The Tower makes the assertion that Mais Ali Saleh is both a feminist and a devout Muslim. That makes her, in the opinion of Islamists, an infidel.

While Israel celebrates her intellect and capabilities, just imagine if this young woman was born in any other Arab country what would have been her fate. Considering what we know about certain Arab countries, here is what Mais Ali Saleh would have become if born in any one of them.

  • Syria: Inducted by force into the Arab Ba’ath Party. Told to support Assad and hate Israel. Maybe then, she can have the limelight with all the credit of her intellect hailed as a result of going to Assad policies. In the worst scenarios, because she is a Sunni Muslim, she would have met her fate in some Assad torture dungeon. .
  • Lebanon: Celebrated but only if Hezbollah says so, or the Lebanese political machine is greased enough to accept her. Since she is a Sunni, Hezbollah would have placed a bomb under her car.
  • Saudi Arabia: She would have been helped secretly for fear the Wahabbist may react with violence.
  • UAE: They would have built the facilities around her to expand her horizons.
  • Qatar: Put her on al-Jazeera English to promote the al-Thanis for discovering her and never on al-Jazeera Arabic because the Muslim Brotherhood would object to promoting a woman feminist.
  • Jordan: No big deal. She would have received every support King Abdullah could muster.
  • Gaza: She would have become a sex slave for some Palestinian fighter gangster. His purpose is to tame her feminism.

Israel recognizes and celebrates the talent of Arab Muslim women while some Arab countries would have duplicated or relegated them to household chores. This is the honest truth.

Somtimes, magic happens when Muslims are groomed by free and democratic countries.

Where is the evil here?


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