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Washington DC – October 14, 2009 – (Farid Ghadry Blog) — On October 14, 2008, the Syrian military security intentionally murdered two Syrian civilians named Sami Maatouq and Joni Suleiman. Today, Amnesty International issued a communiqué reminding the world of the incident and seeking justice for both innocent civilians.

Sami Maatouk is the nephew of human rights lawyer Khalil Maatouk.

Without Amnesty International reporting on the matter again one year after, it would have been forgotten like so many other crimes committed by the Assad family illegally occupying the government in Damascus.

And although one year has passed since this ruthless killing, the Assad regime is not about to bring its own people to justice for such a meaningless act because the international community has given up on Syria altogether.

Meanwhile, we have people with international stature looking into Gaza and the aftermath of the war with Israel by reporting on abuse during a time of war.

How about looking at Syria and its abuse during a time of peace? Why can’t Mr. Goldstone look into the abuse of millions of Arabs at the hands of their oppressors in every corner of the Middle East?

We invite Mr. Goldstone to visit Sednaya prison to see for himself the atrocities of the Assad family against not some unknown people in some far away land but against its own people, its own flesh and blood.

The international community turned a blind eye to Hama in 1982 , which resulted in Rifaat al-Assad butchering over 20,000 innocent civilians in a two-week bombardment of the city that leveled it almost completely.

Today, another Assad kills his own people at will and not one UN agency, not one western government, acting as a conscientious objector, demands that the Assad regime be subjected to the same criteria it demands of Israelis.


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