When Unreasonable Men Expect Reasonable Outcomes

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Consider how much the Syrian theater has changed the region’s political landscape. Whether you think of yourself as a citizen, associate yourself with an ethnic group, or follow a religion, the Syria before our eyes is changing people and perspectives; this makes the Syrian outcome a serious responsibility that requires reasonable thinking.

If you are concerned about security and terror, you should be; but those concerns will be dwarfed if Assad remains in power. His revenge streak will impress you.

If you would like to see democracy prevail in the region, don’t be nonchalant about building a robust civil society first. We seem to forget that timeless structures have strong foundations.

If you are a man of peace, expect none from men of violence. Your appeasements are their oxygen. It perpetuates generational violence.

If you are a Diplomat advocating for democracy, use your short shelf-life for a relay-handover instead of always going for the finish line.

If you are for freedom and liberty in the Middle East, there is hope; but if you are an Islamist, freedom and liberty are your hope.

If you are nostalgic about the stable and oppressive days of yesterday, just consider where it ends because it will. Be more concerned about the gap between your knowledge and our ignorance because equality in knowledge builds equality amongst men.

If you have a fear of the unknown, unless you are Jewish ignore it with prejudice. Islamism burns below a short fuse of incompetence.

If you are advocating fragmentation for Syria, consider the evolutionary shift from securing a nation to trading with your neighbors when fragmentation revives tribalism, the enemy of structure and progress.

If you refute Federalism, consider its positive effect on two crucial elements Syria is in dire need for: The cushioning of our landing and the eradication of our fears.

If you are a free Sunni, consider the lessons learned from oppressing others and if you are a free Shia, follow your instincts because history will follow yours.

If you are a Christian, oppression and tyranny are your worst enemies and the “friend” who practice both is short-circuiting your rightful contributions.

If you are a legitimate citizen of the region and you have been brutalized, demonized, and terrorized for close to 65 years, the answer lies not in more violence by advocating for a hands-off policy on Syria. Wars harden people but religious wars write history with gun powder.

Conclusion? If you are an unreasonable person, expect unreasonable outcomes for Syria. Only if we have reasonable expectations, the gravitas of humanity, can we expect to influence for a more reasonable outcome.


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