When the FSA Speaks, Assad Panics

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 It is virtually impossible to stop a motivating small army against a debilitated larger one. Russia’s experience in Afghanistan has proven this simple concept of warfare.

There is a small percentage of bandits and militia fighting with motivation for the Assad ideology of oppression but the majority are fighting because it earns them the small wages necessary to keep their families safe.

The video below, dated January 14, 2012, shows the next level of operations the Free Syrian Army is willing to undertake to defeat the Assad regime. The war is moving from Syrians defending themselves to Syrians attacking the Assad infrastructures in the service of defending themselves.

It also shows how futile the Arab League efforts are and the panic about to set-in in the high ranks of the Assad regime if the FSA succeeds in following through with its threats.

The operations will be taking place in strategic regions outside Damascus, which exposes to the outside world the upper hand of the FSA many have no knowledge about except for the few well-informed.

It’s the kind of information Assad does not want you to know.

The most important passages have been translated below the video.  

This is a Military Statement from the Free Syrian Army, Battalion of Hamza Bin Abdul Mutallib (HBAM was Prophet Mohammad’s uncle and later earned the title of “Chief of the Martyrs”) for the region of Zabadani and Madaya (The Zabadani region on the highway between Damascus and the borders with Lebanon has always been a strategic city for the Assads with multiple military installations, listening posts, and several security centers. Madaya is south of Zabadani). 

Because of the bombing of the Zabadani region by the Syrian Army since yesterday, the Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib Battalion, part of the Free Syrian Army, announces the following:

  1. To resist the forces of occupation of the Assad army and to prohibit them from entering the region at any price.

  2. The Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib Battalion grants the forces of occupation 24 hours to retreat from the region or else the Battalion will start destroying the vital facilities starting with:

    1. All Artesian wells feeding Damascus and supplying the drinking water to several regions of the capital, including the military villages of Assad in Dimas, al-Saboura, Artouz and other locations.

    2. The high-voltage power grid linking Syria to Lebanon.

    3. All the cell towers of Syriatel owned by Rami Makhluf.

    4. Blocking the Damascus-Lebanon international highway going through the region.

    5. There are many other vital facilities we will not announce yet but we will act upon if the conquering forces do not retreat immediately.

This video was shot on Saturday January 14, 2012.

End of Video

The 24 hours clock has expired. The next 24  to 48 hours will prove how active and dangerous the FSA is in fighting the repressive Assad regime. 


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