When Peace is Worse Than War

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Who do you strike peace with? The normal answer is your enemy. Not unless your enemy is a violent dictatorship, peace then becomes worse than war.

The peace Kofi Annan, ex-Secretary General of the UN, struck with Assad has resulted in the following headline at the Washington Post:

Syria broadens offensives in Damascus suburbs and central cities ahead of cease-fire

At the same time, we receive this headline from Reuters, which I believe to be an accurate one.

France says Assad pretending to accept peace plan

 Worst yet is this headline from BBC service.

Syria Crisis: Turkey Refugees Surge Amid Escalation Fears 

This is the result of peace with Assad. Kofi Annan, unknowingly, has caused more deaths against Syrians than he will ever know. Peace with men of violence causes more deaths because they think peace is a weakness.

To attempt to explain this simple fact to the west is the most frustrating concern a dissident can embark upon because many policy makers do not think like an Assad does and many of them refuse to accept the notion that a man would not pursue peace if he is presented with the opportunity.

May I recommend to the US State Department a different idea?

Hire Seif al-Islam Qaddafi of Libya as your top advisor at the US State, NEA Department or at the UN. Seif will tell you exactly how to deal with Arab men of violence.

Assad can only be removed with violence. Help the Free Syrian Army have access to weapons and stop pretending.


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