What is Wrong with the Middle East?

What is Wrong with the Middle East?

Syrian Bomb Plot Marked Deadly Turn in Civil War
Russia Released List of Assad Agents Posing as Opposition
Obama Shames Psychopath Assad

Do you read articles or get emails from friends, which after perusing you ask yourself: What is wrong with the Middle East?

Here is a taste.

  • The secular Assad men are raping Syrian women, so will their nemesis the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Qatar is helping in Syria.
  • The UN elects to its Human Rights Commission some of the most outrageous human rights violators the world has seen.
  • Saudi Arabia opens the biggest center for inter-faith dialogue in Vienna, Austria but won’t allow anyone in the Kingdom to carry a Bible, let alone read one.
  • There was an Islamist Gaza Flotilla to help open borders for more goods in Gaza, but the same Islamists do not want a Western No-Fly Zone to save Syrian lives.
  • Arab tyranny fuels Islamic tyranny; but many believe we should fight Islamic tyranny with Arab tyrants.
  • The Emir of Qatar buys the most expensive apartment in London for 200 million British pounds, yet 40 million Egyptians have never worn a shoe.
  • Bashir of Sudan kills 300,000 of his people in Darfur, is officially convicted in an international court of justice, and the world considers a fugitive under international laws, yet the Arab League Members roll the red carpet when he visits Arab countries.
  • Israelis who seek peace are considered naive if they fail, and those Israelis who succeed in creating peace are considered warmongers by the naive.


  • The Arab societies are the most backward in the world, yet Arabs believe their biggest threat comes from Israel, the most advanced country in the Middle East.
  • The Iranian regime uses Arab extremists for its dirty work and fights them when necessary, yet the Arab extremists still think Israel is their enemy.
  • The Western officials the Muslim Brotherhood deceived are the very same people who will be deceived again tomorrow because of their naive nature.
  • Al-Jazeera supports democracy everywhere, except in Qatar.
  • The UN is outraged at 150 dead Palestinians over 3 week period and finds the votes for a Palestinian Statehood but cannot muster enough votes for a Syrian humanitarian corridor after 41,000 dead over a 20-months period.
  • From easytiger: The infidel Assad destroyed and burned many Mosques with thousands of Korans, yet not one Muslim demonstration in any Arab country. But when a Western infidel burns a Koran, we turn psychotic.

Honestly, what is wrong with the Middle East?

What is Wrong with the Middle East?


  • easytiger 11 years ago

    hey , you forgot when someone in the west burns the Qura`a , the Arabs/Muslems go nuts and do nothing as Assad burns and destroys hundreds of Mosques , how many Qura`ans being burnt ?
    here is another one ,, in Egypt , they love the Mullas because they bark against Isreal and they know who is killing the Sunnis in Syria !

    Now , when the (crazy/Ugly) Mullas of Islamic Iran barks about helping the Palestinians “recover” Palestine , do Palestinians know they have to convert to Shia`a Islam or die ?
    do Hamas Know that ? do Egyptians know that ? if they dont …..its a calamity.

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