What Happened to Senator Lindsey Graham?

What Happened to Senator Lindsey Graham?

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What happened to Senator Lindsey Graham? He used to be such a champion of good causes. Graham was one GOP Senator many believed he had the common sense and the compassion to represent true American values.

His latest is raising eyebrows. On Maria Bartiromo’s show on Fox Business, Graham said something that befuddled even Maria who responded with a “Wow”. He said:

It would be so easy for a terrorist from Syria, Iran or someplace else to go to Central America, get in the middle of this group and come to the United States.


Not long ago, Graham believed the only terrorists in Syria were Chemical Assad and ISIS that Assad himself fostered, empowered, and funded to become an equalizer force. Now, he is using, with his poor choice of words, poor Syrians escaping the Assad daily massacres as guinea pigs for fear mongering. What a shame!

Don’t be surprised if some fool attacks a Syrian immigrant family minding its own business in the next few days. If it happens, that’s on you Lindsey.

But really, what happened to Senator Lindsey Graham?

We believe two things happened.

First, he lost his best friend Senator John McCain who helped him keep a balanced perspective. Without McCain by his side, Graham has been looking for another soul to mirror. Another balance against which his past good ideas could have a platform.

Two, we think he found that platform in the man-child behavior of our president. Had McCain been alive, Graham would have never said what he said in support of a U.S. policy that is plain wrong. McCain would have taken him on a tour to see the children in cages separated from their parents.

Trump is taking him on a tour of supreme cruelty.


The president has reduced this McCain supporter, who spoke like a giant, to a parrot parading unconscionable ideas. The worst part is that Graham knows well the policies of Iran and Syria when it comes to attacking the United States at home. They are non-existent. Unlike al-Qaeda, Iran wants the U.S. out of the Middle East and will only attack it in MENA. The Mullahs could plan a 9/11, but they won’t because they know it is a losing battle.

We know that Graham is informed enough to know this important differential between Shia Islam and Sunni Islam. Yet, he advances bankrupt ideas to show his loyalty to his man-child new hero.

To replace McCain with Trump demonstrates how McCain may have been wrong about Lindsay Graham. No one knew just how empty Graham felt with McCain’s departure. No one knew how much Graham needed to attach his soul to a new buddy and his system.

“It is just Trump is simply the wrong buddy,” that’s what John McCain would tell his friend had he been alive.

Lindsey Graham needs to take a deep breath and go visit McCain at his grave. We are certain McCain would have some words of wisdom to convey that would bring the old Graham back.

We all miss that Graham because the new one looks like the fool we elected.

What Happened to Senator Lindsey Graham?


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