It took President Clinton 389 days before he ordered NATO to strike in Kosovo. With Obama, we are past 700 days and counting when it comes to Syria.

What does it take to Clintonize Obama? Here is my “humor-to-hide-pain” list:

  • Build a Golf course in Syria and name it “Here Comes Obama Golf Course”
  • Tell Obama Syrians hate Israel more than Assad.
  • Promote a haute-couture Syrian dress maker that needs saving.
  • Boehner visits Assad in Damascus.
  • Tell him Putin won’t be angry with him.
  • Convince Obama Syria’s war is not Sectarian but one of class warfare.
  • PM Netanyahu sends a shipment of weapons to Assad and announces it publicly.
  • Challenge him his Air Force One cannot reach Damascus without refueling.
  • Free Syrian cigarettes for life and cigars rolled on thighs of any surviving children left.
  • Clinton should tell him not to interfere.

That’s the only way Syrians have any hope of getting Obama to drop Assad and stop protecting him.

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