What Did We Learn From Syria?

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Washington, we have a problem in Syria
Syrians Preparing for a Chemical Attack

As the liberation of Iraq from Saddam caused tragic results for US servicemen and the image of a security-conscious GOP  mainly because there was no effective policy to contain Iran and Syria–, the lack of interference in today’s tragic events in Syria will cause as many problems for the Democrats and the US in general.

Assad is dragging the whole region into one large conflict using the potency of sectarianism. But instead of making a conscious effort to remove the bad apple from the barrel, the Obama Administration instead is giving sectarianism a chance to fester, thus enabling the possibilities of more violence and more instability in the region.

President Obama‘s anti-war ideology basks in an unrealistic world where evil lurks and where men aggress each other. The US retreat is not stopping wars and violence, it’s fueling them.

At the end, what did we learn from the Syrian experience?

  1. Diplomacy does not work with oppressive and violent rulers.
  2. Anti-war movement fans the winds of war because the movement is clueless about human nature.
  3. The losing side is the side that has much to lose and Putin has yet to grasp this simple concept.

After Nov. 6, Romney will have every right to lay claim to Obama’s own rhetoric “We inherited this mess:, but he can also finish the sentence with “from a President who did not learn from history”.

Any other President would have made Syria safer and the region more stable.


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