What Did King Salman and Putin Agree Upon on Syria?

What Did King Salman and Putin Agree Upon on Syria?

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Today, Saudi King Salman said that his country was keen to see the “aspirations” of the Syrian people fulfilled after he received detailed proposals of a U.S.-Russian agreement on a Syria ceasefire from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Did Putin make new proposals to King Salman? What did King Salman and Putin agree upon on Syria to insure that the war is halted?

Al-Arabiya TV News channel reported on the call without delving into too many details.

King Salman also said he backed a political solution in accordance to Geneva I, an initial round of talks held in the Swiss city in 2012.

The Geneva I, which laid out a six-point plan to stop the violence in Syria, calls for the establishment of a transitional governing body that would “exercise full executive powers,” a proposal not welcomed by Syria’s psychopath Baschar al-Assad.

How to interpret King Salman’s reference to Geneva I? Was Putin calling in support or was King Salman making his opinion public in contradiction with what Vladimir Putin may have proposed?

The Kremlin issued a statement in which it said:

“The King of Saudi Arabia welcomed the agreements reached and expressed his readiness to work jointly with Russia to make them work.,”

The statement also confirmed that both sides will continue to communicate on this matter. The Kremlin also said later that Putin discussed the ceasefire deal with the leaders of Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Putin, whose air force is flying a bombing campaign to support Assad’s troops on the ground, on Monday pledged to do “whatever is necessary” to get Damascus to uphold the deal after sealing the agreement with U.S. President Barack Obama.

On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned that it may be difficult to keep Syria whole if it takes much longer to end the fighting after Syria’s regime agreed in the same day to the ceasefire deal announced by the United States and Russia.

Syria’s regime and opposition agreed Tuesday to the ceasefire deal announced a day earlier by the United States and Russia, aimed at halting its nearly five-year civil war.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday said Syrian Kurdish militia forces must remain outside the scope of a ceasefire agreed between Syria’s warring parties, just like ISIS and the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front.

Al-Arabiya contributed to this report.

What Did King Salman and Putin Agree Upon on Syria?


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