What Atrocities Prevention Board?

What Atrocities Prevention Board?

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On a worldwide basis, the gender gap between Homo sapiens of different sex is estimated to be around 101 males for every 100 females. Research by two reporters for the New York Times, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, believe violence against women is causing gender imbalances in many developing countries.

One would think that wars and violence may cause the opposite imbalances (More men dying), but reality is that between discriminatory practices, countries like India and China have traditionally adopted against the female specie, and the common violence we see practiced by countries like Syria and Iran against women, more women are dying than men.

It is one thing to prefer the births of a male in a family and realize indiscriminate abortions towards that goal and quite another using pregnant women as target practice by Syrian and Iranian snipers or stoning women to death in Iran as reported by Michael Ledeen’s “Those New, Gentler Iranians Are Busy Hanging, Stoning, and Biting Their People”.

The savages in Syria and Iran can pretty much get away with intentional and premeditated massacres against women, yet those who claim to defend women’s rights, like President Obama with enough power to make a difference, are as silent as canaries in an abandoned mine shaft.

One would think Mr. Obama could with a stroke of his pen order the Atrocities Prevention Board he started to make a difference. Do not hold your breath. The Atrocities Prevention Board, in our opinion, was an effort to garner the votes of Jewish Americans. Now that the elections are behind, the Atrocities Prevention Board is just another bureaucracy sitting idle.

Even the NY Times is asking what the Atrocities Prevention Board is doing when it comes to Sudan. The answer is absolutely nothing. Not in Syria, not in Iran, not in Somalia, and not in Sudan. The Atrocities Prevention Board simply bought Mr. Obama votes he needed using US taxpayers’ money.

When Governments fail and big governments fail often, people turn to privately funded or Government-supported NGO’s for answers.

As an example, the National Organization for Women (NOW), one of the largest organizations in the world to help break societal glass ceilings, is quite silent on the fate of pregnant women getting shot in their uteri by Assad’s henchmen. Understandably, NOW is focused on “national” women’s rights and understandably their By Laws might not permit such diversion from their core mission.

However, highlighting the tragic deaths of women in Syria and Iran might provide NOW with a global podium on their core issues and expand their donor base without overstepping the boundaries set by the Board of Directors. It is an excellent opportunity for NOW to empower women everywhere. I believe their silence is a mistake.

It seems to us that Alpha males do the most damage to women and it will only take Alpha males to stop the carnage against women through violence and wars against men who perpetrate it. The Alpha females are absent when it comes to their gender.

There are, however, exceptions whose voices are important but lonely. Last month, Michelle Bernard wrote about the violence against Syrian women in the Washington Post:

“As a nation, we have a moral obligation to consider the women of Syria and the role we know women play in building strong democratic institutions. Syrian women must be included equally in all aspects of peace and the future governance of the country and Congress, along with President Obama, must stand by them as they seek to rebuild their country. Their rights must not be ignored.”

No response for such pleas from the White House.

In 2012, CNN wrote, “rape is shredding Syria’s fabric”. HRW and Amnesty wrote often about the Assad forces using sexual violence against women and children. Foreign Secretary William Hague and Angelina Jolie brought the issue to the world’s attention just last month as Ledeen brought it to our attention this month on Iran.

By far the best organization to focus its attention on the violence against women in Syria has been “Women under Siege”. Their maps and interactive materials highlighting the tragedy in Syria is exemplary.

If those committing violence against Syrian and Iranian women are called savages, what shall we call those who simply stand-by when they have the power to make a difference?

What Atrocities Prevention Board?


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