Western Officials Need to Rethink Their Strategy of Trusting the Arab League

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Assad Torturing Toddlers, Syrians Blame the Arab League

The facts are too many, the footprints are too clear and it does not take a Sherlock Holmes to crack this Arab League farce.

It seems that Saudi Arabia and Iran may have struck some kind of agreement for Saudi Arabia to trade Syria in return for Iran quieting the Saudi oppressed Shia in their Eastern Province. But while Iran may have tactfully succeeded, the incompetent Arab League cannot even carry its own mission properly.

Whose idea was it to send Arab Observers led by a Genocidal maniac? Hamad and Hamad duo of Qatar. It is also the same country that first rolled the red carpet for Omar al-Bashir, the butcher of Darfur, after his international indictment for crimes against humanity. Bashir’s man was chosen by the duo for a mission to Syria to oppress the oppressed. In December, al-Bashir visited Qatar again and no one seems to think this is unusual. Unless of course 300,000 Darfurians died in vain as Syrians are dying in vain today.

This is the first time the Arab League handles a breakaway regional issue on its own with no western influence or interference whatsoever. Don’t you wish to be a fly on some palace wall today and hear this murmur “America, France, please we have a problem”.

Meanwhile, Middle East experts close to the Elysées, I am told, are running around with a stare of disbelief in their eyes. All their efforts to save Syrians from a human tragedy have been shattered by the actions of few incompetent rulers reshuffling the cards to oppress even more than in the past.

Certainly, there are financial advantages to a country having too much methane underground but it also seems there are brain disadvantages to living over it.

Meanwhile, western officials are lining-up to meet with the Syrian National Council formed specifically to help Assad. Calling the SNC a Syrian opposition is a travesty of justice and any western official who complies with the demands of the Arab League or meets with the SNC would be assisting unknowingly the perpetuity of the tragedy in Syria.

The only Syrian dissidents with credibility and popularity in the Syrian street are represented by the Free Syrian Army (FSA). My previous Blog with videos, images, Facebook pages, and banners is testimony to this fact.


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