NPR confirms the intelligence of one of our Blogs dated March 2 by confirming that wealthy Saudis are recruiting and funding Saudi fighters to join Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham extremists fighting the the extremists of Hezbollah, IRGC, and the Shabeeha of Assad. These are the Wahhabi and Wilayat-al-Faqih roles in Syria.

To fight each other in Syria, not in Saudi Arabia and certainly not in Iran.

NPR story begins:

Following a circuitous route from Saudi Arabia up through Turkey or Jordan and then crossing a lawless border, hundreds of young Saudis are secretly making their way into Syria to join groups fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, GlobalPost has learned.

With the tacit approval from the House of Saud and financial support from wealthy Saudi elites, the young men take up arms in what Saudi clerics have called a “jihad,” or “holy war,” against the Assad regime.

Two matters in their story are either erroneous or were completely missed.

The missed item deals with the bounty wealthy Saudis are paying for the heads of Alawites and Shia dying in Syria while fighting to protect the regime.

The second item deals with those so-called experts on Saudi Arabia interviewed for the NPR story who try to deflect from the role of the Saudi Government by making claims that would have us believe three al-Saud princes did not fund and did not support Bin Laden to carry out his attack on 9/11.

Very few people understand the tight ropes the Wahhabi religious establishment and the al-Saud family dance together on. It is one of secrecy and parallel thinking that is spun constantly to distance one from the other.

Yet, both remain powerful and both remain in control of Saudi Arabia, its government, and its society.

Wahhabi and Wilayat-al-Faqih Roles in Syria

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