Unintended Consequences of America’s Retreat

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Outside observers, like American voters, regard troop’s withdrawal from the Middle East, indeed the world, as a relief because of the costs in taxes; some view it as lifting a moral burden they could care less for on the US global role of a freedom guarantor.

But surrounded by a nasty and evil world, those celebrating America’s retreat may soon discover the folly of their purism; not in tangible taxes saved but in intangible dissipated business tax contributions.

Given the vacuum the US is leaving behind, foreign diabolical policies will start to affect our tax base system by affecting American global business reach. The less powerful America is, the less business it will conclude, which directly leads to the US government collecting less taxes. Even Keynes would grasp this simple economic reality.

Further, let’s consider other factors.

The prevalent doctrine of “Let them solve their own problems” is a temporary fix because a large number of American voters are all immigrants from native countries in need of fixing. The large Irish, Greek and Spanish immigrants will mobilize to help save their native nations from their economic woes and so will Arabs.

We will impose ourselves during election times because not only do we want our taxes to eradicate evil and assist our nations abroad but we will donate generously to political campaigns mirroring our views.

Here is why: The illegal immigration problem in the US could cost us trillions, yet this administration is more concerned about saving $25 billion a year in Iraq (CBO Report estimating $500,000 per soldier a year at the level of 50,000 soldiers).

More ammunition for Gingrich and Romney.

Let me turn to my favorite subject now.

To provide a snapshot of where the Middle East is headed without US presence and goodwill, we have to watch how the Arab League, led by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, have used the vacuum to their advantage by securing the rule of a known terrorist and a mass murderer in Baschar al-Assad.

Three hundred thousand Darfurians will testify, from their graves, to the evil of this Arab club that many in American foreign policy circles consider its members as friendly allies.

I am just thinking out loud here: If Qatar and Saudi Arabia are allies, then maybe I welcome my enemies.

They fool us into believing they are allies because they are too weak to protect themselves. Want proof? Bring a Bible into Saudi Arabia and see what happens to you. A true ally is one who opens his arms wide to welcome you and treats you as an equal. No trickery and no diplo-explanations void of common sense.

Maybe the Arab League intentions are just a bit more sinister than we give them credit for. Maybe the Assad scarecrow is viewed as a necessity by the al-Saud to unleash against Israel the way the Arab League turned a blind eye to Fatah in the 70’s, which resulted in empowering the occupation of Lebanon. Or the way Erdogan unleashed Hamas lately. “Proxying the proxy” kind of a policy.

What matters to me is the lollipop the Arab League waves to lead Arabs to al-Quds in order to draw a blank to the sumptuous palaces of their members behind which hide men with repugnant wickedness. Hypnotized they want us, to rule ruthlessly, and mephitic hideousness they practice, to remain in power.

Any way you look at it, without American goodwill the swamp just got deadlier and the virus-carrying actors just got freer. The sorry side of this American retreat is the hapless Arab youths who will be either at the receiving end of more repression via the Muslim Brotherhood or left to fend for themselves against regimes of abhorrent violence.

One final question: If Syria is not free, how will we ever find Iraqi WMD? The convenience makes you wonder.


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