Tulsi Gabbard Cover Story Is Almost Comical

Tulsi Gabbard Cover Story Is Almost Comical

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Tulsi Gabbard cover story seems to get more bizarre by the day. It is almost comical.

Recently, the Democratic U.S. Representative from Hawaii has been in the news as opposing “Regime Change” wars. Which wars the United States is waging today for regime change, Gabbard would not say. The Presidential long-shot hopeful is attempting to feed into an Iraq War sentiments long gone by seeking the wrong attention in the crowded field of Democratic running candidates.


Just as she did before when she criticized U.S. support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen fighting the Iranian-backed Houthis. For those unaware of the make-up and purpose of that war, the Houthis are pushing for regime change against the legitimate Yemeni Government. In other words, Tulsi Gabbard is selective about “Regime Change” wars. When it comes to Iran, she supports them.

Mind you, Saudi Arabia, under the new evil ruler Mohammad bin Salman, is heading towards a Damascene dictatorship. With violence, tortures, and oppression as its anchors. No love lost here.

In the case of Iran, the United States’ policy is to pressure the regime, through sanctions, to relieve itself from the duties of colonizing the allied Arab countries in the Middle East. Tulsi Gabbard, do you see us preparing to go to war with Iran?

In the case of Syria, ruled by your buddy the butcher of Damascus, we also have sanctions in place. Our diplomats are working to pressure the regime into a political sensible solution that would eventually lead to his departure. Something we all assume is displeasing to you as it was displeasing to Barack Obama. Our troops in Syria are helping defeat ISIS, and are insuring that Iran and Turkey do not crush the Kurds in the region. Do you see the U.S. preparing to oust Assad from power?

But when Iran is engaging in regime change in Yemen, you are all for it. Is this Tulsi Gabbard cover story?


Could there be a hint of anti-Israel sentiments in Tulsi Gabbard’s foreign policy? Simply for standing in the way of overthrowing violent dictatorships and extreme Islamic states that are Israel’s enemies? Even when the United States is simply providing logistical support to our allies? Paid fully for by that ally?

This is no longer about repeating Iraq. Tulsi Gabbard foreign policy reflects her own self-interests. There is a good reason why she met with Assad of Syria after all. A trip paid for by his agents in the United States. Maybe Gabbard forgot the lessons from her military history class that the Assad family has killed U.S. troops in Lebanon and Iraq.

Assad still holds Austin Tice hostage. Did you ask for his release when you met the butcher of Damascus?

We don’t care who is your campaign manager, but a word of advice Ms. Gabbard. Quit differentiating yourself from the crowded field by summoning a 16-year old war. And on that basis, move the pieces on your chess board as if playing against yourself.

A simpleton can figure out your preposterous foreign policy.

Tulsi Gabbard Cover Story


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