Trump Syria Friendly Surrender Resembles Vietnam Unfriendly Surrender

Trump Syria Friendly Surrender Resembles Vietnam Unfriendly Surrender

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We believe Trump Syria friendly surrender resembles Vietnam unfriendly surrender in Saigon, but with a subtle twist. President Trump crawled before Putin when President Nixon fought the communists until the end.

Athough America lost both wars, one President surrendered with a smile, while the former refused to admit defeat. Even as helicopters rushed from rooftops to evacuate the thousands stranded.

Trump has set the new standard for defeat. Just smile and pretend you are a genius. When it comes to confronting the Soviet/Russian evil in both cases, comparing Trump to Nixon makes Nixon years look like the Roosevelt years.

Mind you, this new Event Horizon in American politics started with Barack Obama. He was the one who played patient diplomacy with Putin. He was the one who never grasped the extent of his own damage to America’s prestige and power on the international stage.

During the Obama era, Putin rolled over us like a paver finisher laying down a highway. I doubt that BO does not regret the lack of his action against Putin in Syria, Ukraine, and definitely when Obama, learned, in 2016, Russia was meddling in our election system.

Why did he ignore Putin? Because Obama believed Hillary can still win because of his own power and popularity. Fizz, fizz, oh, what a relief it is!

Trump Syria Friendly Surrender Resembles Vietnam Unfriendly Surrender

Trump, unlike Obama, is yielding while convinced he is doing the right thing vis-a-vis Vladimir Putin. Our President thinks Vlad is a good guy who has been mistreated by the world, his own media, and probably by all the refugees he chased to Europe. It must be the blue eyes, we say.

To this day, we still don’t know what transpired between both Presidents during their extraordinary private Helsinki Summit. This is unprecedented that a U.S. President keeps secrets from his own administration and appointees. Especially when he has been accused of collusion, and even treachery by both political isles.

Obama hid details of his Iran Deal, and Trump is hiding details from his own Russian Syria Deal. Except, Russia has the potential to harm America far more than Iran can given its activities ever since Barack Obama became President.

The day Donald Trump leaves office, he will become the target of ridicule by many people who matter from around the world. There will be jabs, and there will be knock-outs. Trump will, of course, respond. But it is different when you respond with all your Office powers left behind you. Putin will come to his defense even though he does not need him any longer. Must be the hair, we say.

Just look at how much Barack Obama commands today in terms of power influence. Not so much. No one listens to him, and this is why he has kept quiet over the last year or so.

Trump Syria Friendly Surrender Resembles Vietnam Unfriendly Surrender


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